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Canon L-series lenses

Discover the craft behind Canon’s L-series lenses, from the history of the series to how they are made. Read stories about professional photographers using L-series lenses in the field, and view the world’s best examples of imagery produced with them.

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A close-up of the eye of a northern gannet.


Remarkable photos shot on Canon L-series RF lenses

See the difference an L-series RF lens makes, with our guide to what these lenses are, and a gallery of beautiful pro images shot on each lens.

17 Aug 2022

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How Canon L-series lenses help you realise your creative vision

How Canon L-series lenses help you realise your creative vision

The top 10 facts about Canon L-series lenses from inside the Utsunomiya lens factory, an in-depth look at how the lenses perform when pushed to the extreme, and a gallery of images from our Ambassadors, showcasing how these professional lenses can help you realise your creative vision.

28 Feb 2019

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