A man photographing a black male model in a studio with a laptop in front showing the picture in EOS Utility software.



Remote control your EOS camera and transfer your files easily with free Canon camera software for PC and Mac computers.

Free file transfer and remote shooting software for EOS cameras

Transfer images and movies to your PC or Mac computer or remote control your camera for tethered shooting. Use a USB cable or a wi-fi connection* for wireless image transfer and remote control.

Manage your photo shoot

Use your camera normally and whilst connected to EOS Utility, captured images will be automatically transferred to the computer, the camera memory card or both. Let the client choose their favourites right there on the shoot.

A man photographing a black male model in a studio, a woman in red headscarf pointing at the laptop standing in the foreground showing the picture in EOS Utility software.
Laptop standing on a table in the garden showing a picture of a bird feeder and a bird in EOS Utility software. A camera on a tripod in the background facing into the garden.

Remote control your camera

Ensure perfect framing with live preview using framing grids and compositing tools. Control the camera from a computer with tethered or wireless* shooting ideal for studio still-life shoots or sporting events. EOS Utility also allows you to activate interval timer function for time-lapse videos.

Organise your transferred files

Transferred images can be automatically renamed and stored in folders based on the shooting date, time and other settings to help you organise them. You can also add or change metadata and copyright for your images.

A man creating a folder structure in EOS Utility software on a laptop. A camera is shown next to it on the table.
Laptop showing multiple pictures of the same black male model in EOS Utility software with DPP connected. A camera is next to the laptop on a table.

Add custom Picture Styles and connect to DPP

Register the downloaded Picture Styles on your EOS camera, create your own film simulations and colour profiles. EOS Utility also integrates easily with Digital Photo Professional for seamless workflow.

Update camera settings and firmware

Make your camera set-up easy with EOS Utility. Update camera settings, including network and ftp settings, synchronise the time and date with your computer and install firmware updates in your camera and lenses.

A black man shown with camera in his hands in front of the laptop, updating firmware on the camera.
A laptop on a table with camera next to it. Camera screen is showing a picture of a black male model. Laptop screen is showing EOS Utility software with a selection of images of the same man.

Transfer images and movies from your camera

Use EOS Utility to transfer images and videos from a camera to your PC or Mac computer. Select specific images, all images, or only those which you haven’t yet transferred. Share the images from remote location with others for immediate feedback.

* Check the camera manual for details.

Available for Mac and Windows

Download Canon EOS Utility Software

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