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A collage of images and cuttings from newspapers. ARTICLE

Meda, Ambassador of Art

Canon Czech Republic and Museum Kampa marked the 100th birthday of socialite and philanthropist Meda Mládková with an exhibition of her life.

04 November 2019
A blue-haired cosplayer poses for the camera © Shevaun Chester of <a href="">GiantShev Photography</a> ARTICLE

“Fun, competition and celebrity”: The world of cosplay

Cosplay is so much more than just dressing up for fun. It’s a worldwide phenomenon that teaches new skills and creates communities.

07 November 2019
A side view of a robot, with a man standing in the same position behind it. ARTICLE

Factory Robotics: The future is in human hands

Universal Robots in Denmark has a vision for the robotic factory of the future that is very much to the benefit of humans.

28 October 2019
A Canon DSLR mounted and ready to photograph a piece of artwork ARTICLE

‘Scenes in and around Kyoto’

Ancient, fragile artworks, rich with history, but stored away for their own protection, find a new life and audience through Canon's Tsuzuri Project.

31 October 2019
Jérôme Gence shows a group of young monks how to use his DSLR camera to take ID photos for their passports. ARTICLE

A childhood dream and a bag of cameras

Jérôme Gence travelled to the Himalayas as a rookie photographer and returned with more experience than he could have ever imagined.

21 October 2019
A row of books against a blue background ARTICLE

The brain behind your bookshelves

Physical books are selling better than ever. But why do we buy and keep, when we can just download? The answer can be found inside our heads.

23 October 2019
A group of young women, reflected in glass (© Rossena Petcova) ARTICLE

Matera: A city of beautiful change

56 photographers from 28 countries spent three months exploring the nature of Matera, Italy – the 2019 European City of Culture.

14 October 2019
A black and white photo of a man in a helmet. He stands to the left of the image, with rain pouring down in front of and on him. ARTICLE

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who needs the blackest black of all?

Where do you stand on black? Is it a colour? An absence of colour? Or something else entirely? And why does it matter? We ask the experts.

17 October 2019
A woman, surrounded by men at a cremation in India, raises her head to the sky and cries ARTICLE

Where is the soul?

Antonio Gibotta uses his photography to answer the greatest question of the human condition.

07 October 2019
A close up of a handshake between someone wearing a blue suit and a white shirt. ARTICLE

Is blockchain the future for photography IP?

Making a living and protecting intellectual property is a huge challenge for photographers. Can blockchain help shift the odds in their favour?

10 October 2019

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