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Three ways make the SDGs work for your business

The SDGs can be a guiding light in understanding and mapping a commitment to sustainable business. But how do organisations begin their SDG journey?

The seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, laid out in a brightly coloured table form and numbered. Each goal has its own icon.

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  • A netball team, posed for the camera with five people stood at the back and four on one knee at the front. They all wear red Canon branded polo shirts and white Canon branded baseball caps. The man stood at centre back holds a netball.


    The engineer with an inspiring career

    Rebecca Fox is a Canon Medical CT Technical Support Engineer, and every day she works with a team who service and repair lifesaving CT scanners.

    24 Nov 2022

  • Ten models pose in front of an amphitheatre-style set of steps. They are all wearing clothes from the Adaptive collection – jeans, shorts, belted shorts and utilitarian trousers and jackets. In the centre, one model sits in a wheelchair.


    Adaptive: fashion for everyone

    Fashion house, Iulia Barton has partnered with Canon Italia to bring their vision of truly inclusive and sustainable clothing to a global audience.

    17 Nov 2022

  • Three young women in headscarves stand in the desert. Two are crouching, one is stood. They are all holding cameras up to their faces and taking photographs.


    Different lives, same love: teaching the young photojournalists of Jordan

    What happens when you put a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist in a room with 30 teenagers who love photography? They bond and they learn.

    10 Nov 2022

  • A dark haired woman in blue scrubs and purple latex gloves sits in front of a computer screen with assorted medical devices surrounding it. She has turned from the screen to pose for the camera.


    Taking the examination of exotic animals to the next level

    Dr Maria Ardiaca tends to over 3000 sick animals a year, but there’s not a puppy in sight. Instead, her clinic treats axolotls, geckos – even minipigs.

    31 Oct 2022

  • Seven bodies, in leotards of cream and brown, their faces covered in masks of plaited hair, form an arch with their combined bodies. One dancer in the centre stands solid, legs apart, holding two dancers in cream, whose bodies face outwards, and legs lifted in the air. On either side of them are two figures bent over, their backs facing also the centre of the formation. They hold a dancer each, as though executing a dip in ballroom dancing. The whole scene is set in a green field, against a backdrop of grass, bushes and blue clouded sky.


    Eliška SKY’s ‘Parasites’: Human sculptures and global goals

    Eliška SKY’s exploration of the UN Sustainable Development Goals is a stunning and surreal interpretation of destruction, action, fear and hope.

    13 Oct 2022

  • Article

    African gamers head into Kombat

    eSports is big business globally and in Africa, tournaments such as PSG’s ‘Fatalis’ are attracting gamers who aren’t just looking for fun, but careers.

    10 Oct 2022

  • A monochrome image of a roll of toilet paper hanging on a wooden plunger stuck to a freestanding white panel. Beside it, bottom left is another plunger, similarly attached to a freestanding white panel. © Eberhard Schuy


    Nothing is inhuman

    It is a rare skill to find a life essence in the inanimate, but Eberhard Schuy’s gift for deep observation infuses still life with grace and humanity.

    06 Oct 2022

  • A smiling man and woman stand facing the camera, shaking hands. They are holding a framed certificate to the camera with their spare hands. The man is wearing a dark blue suit, and shirt with no tie. The woman is wearing a high-necked yellow and black blouse. They both wear lanyards around their necks.


    Future professionals learn the Spectrum of print

    Spectrum’s Campus Programme asks talented young people from all backgrounds to apply for a chance to ‘earn and learn’ and everyone feels the benefit.

    03 Oct 2022

  • A concept of a neural network of soft illuminated lines in shades of green and white, criss-crossing against a black background.


    Meta-morphosis: how do we reach a metaverse state of mind?

    Right now, the metaverse is no more than a lot of speculation – and that’s great! With nothing off the table, creators are free to show us what might be.

    30 Sep 2022

  • Article

    How podcasts became the soundtrack to our lives

    In under twenty years, the podcast has gone from niche to normal. But how did it happen? And what are the secret ingredients that keep listeners loyal?

    29 Sep 2022

  • Two swimmers photographed from the chest up. The swimmer on the right has their arm around the shoulders of the swimmer on the left. They are both wearing white swimming caps, with goggles pushed up over it on the right-hand swimmer. She also wears a blue jacket over a blue swimming costume and the ribbon of a medal can be seen around her neck. The left-hand swimmer wears a red costume with blue trim.


    Passion, podiums and partying: volunteering at the Special Olympics

    In 2018, Canon UK’s Claire Behan volunteered as a photographer for Special Olympics. Today, she covers their events worldwide and loves every minute.

    19 Sep 2022

  • A close-up of a thick scar on black skin, showing the detail of the skin’s tension lines and scar tissue.


    The scars we wear

    Canon Ambassador Yagazi Emezi sees stories in scars and treats them with gentle dignity, exploring how we view our bodies and their healed wounds.

    15 Sep 2022

  • Two hands in silhouette, reaching out towards each other against an orange/red background that looks like a sunset.


    Better together: why mentoring matters

    Meeting the right mentor can be life changing, offering the kind of invaluable counsel, support and honesty that is as effective as it is uplifting.

    12 Sep 2022

  • What can you see in a split second?


    What can you see in a split second?

    Our Redline Challenge 2022 asks photographers to tell a ‘A Split Second Story’. But what could possibly be so fleeting yet also say so much?

    01 Sep 2022

  • Seven children run side by side down an open corridor towards school doors. Their feet are either one or both off the ground and they all wear a different kind of backpack on their backs. The light suggests the sun is shining.


    What grownups can learn about work from a new school term

    What is it about school that makes starting a new term after a long summer so easy? And what might the equivalent look like in the modern workplace?

    08 Sep 2022

  • The head and neck of a Common Tern. It has a white body and black and brown crown, with a brown-tipped bright red beak. It has its beak open.


    For great bird photography, use your ears first

    Canon Nordics have teamed up with Ambassador Jonas Classon to help aspiring bird photographers learn calls that will help them take the perfect shot.

    22 Aug 2022

  • Ten men and women wearing the traditional dress of the Maasai tribe stand on a grassy verge between two pop-up banners displaying the Miraisha and Canon logos. The man in the centre of the image jumps high into the air. © Peter Ndungu


    A new experience for the Maasai Mara

    A new Canon Experience Centre in the Maasai Mara isn’t just for safari lovers. The Maasai people are using it to advance their skills and careers.

    15 Aug 2022

  • Men in a rugby scrum, pictured from the waist down. Three on the left, pictured from the rear, are wearing white shorts and red shirts. The players on the right are largely unseen, but one is wearing a blue, black and white shirt. They scrum against a blur of green grass.


    Rugby as a life, a love and a state of mind

    Rugby has been Eric Gauzins’ passion for 30 years and he hopes to be an official at the Rugby World Cup 2023. He shares how rugby has changed his life.

    11 Aug 2022

  • On the left hand side of the image, a woman stands on a train platform at sunset with her back to the camera. She is wearing a large blue backpack. On the right, a train draws near to where she stands on the platform.

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