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Canon 4K Cameras

Discover the power and versatility of Canon's 4K camera range.

What is 4K?

More detail, more room to tell your story. Using Canon’s state of the art CMOS sensors, 4K video captures your memories more vividly than ever before. Benefiting from four times the resolution of a Full HD image to exhibit the finest details in your memories and provide extra flexibility when editing your stories. 4K Ultra High Definition video is a powerful, flexible next step in your storytelling.

4K and Full HD

4K video – also known as 4K UHD - offers 4 times the resolution of 1080p Full HD, at 3840x2160 pixels or on some cameras DCI 4095 x 2160 pixels. This means you can capture breathtaking, almost touchable, detail with 4K compared to Full HD video.

4K and Full HD

About Canon 4K

The ease and portability of the Canon PowerShot SX740 makes it ideal for capturing family memories. The fun flexibility of the Canon M50 mirrorless camera and our range of lenses makes it ideal for vlogging. The power and speed of the EOS R5 makes it the perfect addition to an aspiring filmmaker’s toolkit. Canon cameras that capture in 4K can also record in Full HD – so you can choose the right movie resolution to suit each creative project. in Full HD – so you can choose the right movie resolution to suit each creative project.

4K and Full HD

Tell your best story

With 4K you can enjoy the creative freedom to zoom, pan and crop into your footage up to 200% and still deliver your movies in Full HD resolution - making it ideal for video enthusiasts making movies and creative footage.

Tell your best story

Considerations when choosing 4K

4K video captures more data, so for the same recording time you’ll need larger memory cards with high transfer speeds and a faster internet connection for streaming. Storing extra data while shooting in 4K can require a bigger hard drive, when shooting in 4K it is also advisable to have a more powerful computer to ensure smooth editing. Full HD gives you smaller file sizes, ideal for easy upload and streaming of online content.

Considerations when chossing 4K

Our most popular 4K products

The right camera for the right job: Browse through the most popular 4K cameras in our range.

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