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Infographic INT Womens Day ARTICLES

An evolving History: Women in the workplace in the Middle East

In recent years we’ve seen quite a dramatic shift in the representation of women in the workplace across the Middle East

13 Jun 2019
How secure are Canon’s solutions? ARTICLES

How secure are Canon’s solutions?

A secure print environment secures your business.

12 Jun 2019
Growth_in_organizational_data ARTICLES

Data access and security

How proactive are you when it comes to data protection in your business?

12 Jun 2019
Fujitsu Managed Print Service Case Study CASE STUDIES

Fujitsu Managed Print Service Case Study

Transforming print with Canon managed print services.

10 Jun 2019
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AI and the future of business

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) within the workplace is increasing every year, with organizations utilizing AI-powered devices and programs to streamline their everyday tasks and generate new insights to grow their operation.

06 Mar 2019
Use in-house printing for business security ARTICLES

Retail signage graphics trends

Agility. The ability to pivot and get in front of consumers before your competitors do. Because with almost 50% of print orders needing to be turned around within 24 hours, our print technology is a game-changer, setting the pace and expectations of the industry.

21 May 2019
Use in-house printing for business security ARTICLES

Use in-house printing for business security

In-house printing for sensitive organizations

21 May 2019
Latest technology trends of 2019 ARTICLES

The latest technology trends of 2019

In an effort to stay ahead in competition, there’s been a renewed focus on turning the office into a modern ‘smart’ office.

21 May 2019
How to Secure Your Office Networks ARTICLES

Is it time to secure your networks?

How to avoid internal breaches by managing networks

02 May 2019
Digital_revolution1-8256f2ad-7bc0-4114-bca4-f00c016a50f6.jpg ARTICLES

Building a digital competitive advantage

How to achieve competitive advantage through digital transformation

23 Apr 2019
Personalised Elemental direct mail ARTICLES

Personalised Elemental direct mail

Printed direct mail has an increasingly positive emotional impact on consumers - and now it can be integrated with digital campaigns. Here's how to do it well.

24 Apr 2019
Multifunction device phishing and malware threats Articles

Multifunction device phishing and malware threats

Rasheed Malik, Solutions Business Consultant at Canon Emirates, explains how to thwart MFD threats

23 Apr 2019
Business Security Threats ARTICLES

Modern threats to business security

How can your company avoid them? Explains Georges Akl

11 Apr 2019
The digital publishing disruption ARTICLES

The digital publishing disruption

With opportunities offered by new information technologies, the fast pace of digitization and enhanced connectivity, digital publishing is the future, says Talaat El Naggar.

11 Apr 2019
How to avoid internal security breaches Article

How to avoid internal security breaches

Documents are just as important

03 Apr 2019
Women in the workplace ARTICLES

Women in the workplace

How Canon Middle East is empowering women

01 Apr 2019
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Mobile Office Security

How to protect your business data on all devices

13 Mar 2019
General-List-Images ARTICLES

Managing a mobile workforce

Mobility advice from Canon Middle East’s HR Director

13 Mar 2019
The Future of Retail Signage Graphics ARTICLES

Future of Retail Signage Graphics

Innovation has taken these communication tools to a new level.

22 Mar 2019
Custom_printing ARTICLES

Set your business apart with custom interior décor print

Elevate your business with creative interior décor print

19 Mar 2019
General-List-Images ARTICLES

How mobile working can help complex industries stay agile

IoT and mobile printing enable more agile industries.

19 Mar 2019
Interior_Print ARTICLES

How to use interior printing to bring great ROI

Elevate brands and influence purchase decisions with creative interior print

19 Mar 2019


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