An evolving History: Women in the workplace in the Middle East

In recent years we’ve seen quite a dramatic shift in the representation of women in the workplace across the Middle East


Infographic INT Womens Day

Let’s take a closer look

Canon recognizes that pathways toward leadership a successful career often begin at a young age. In 2016, Canon’s major internship/mentorship program began in earnest, allowing both men and women to join the company for up to a year. The first year began with a number of placements given to women across the region. The program pays each intern and is open to both fresh graduates and students, meaning women who are at university can obtain valuable work experience without giving up their studies.

As women in the Middle East become more receptive to entering the workplace, it opens up a much wider pool of talent. And in order to attract and retain the very best employees – as every organization strives to do – there must be structured policies in place that support women as they grow and develop in their careers.

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