What workplaces will look like in 10 years

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workplaces of the near future

Workplaces of the near future

“Work smarter, not harder” may sound clichéd, but it reflects a growing reality. The transformative impact of technology on the workplace is all around us. According to the experts, we can expect to see three key trends unfold in the next 10 years:

  1. Virtual co-workers: As artificial intelligence (AI) and robots get smarter and more widespread, more tasks will be taken over by apps, software, and machines. Gartner predicts we will have ‘virtual doppelgangers’ that augment our existing skills and help us solve increasingly complex problems.
  2. Endless work options: A huge and thriving digital business ecosystem will allow us to work and communicate with team members across languages, cultures, and borders, without friction or loss of context.
  3. Lifelong learning: Creativity, critical thinking and constant upskilling will be highly valued in the new digital economy. Employers will need to adopt new learning technologies and strategies so employees can assimilate new knowledge.

adapting to new digital norms

Adapting to the new digital norm

The integration of people and technology has been accepted as a natural outcome of the evolving digital landscape. But how does it benefit businesses and our working lives? Look around and you’ll see plenty of examples, including:

  • Better productivity/collaboration: Quite simply, technology lets businesses operate more efficiently. For example, cloud productivity solutions allow teams to access files anywhere, share calendars and manage projects, all in a few clicks.
  • Improved insights: Using the latest analytics tools, we can track and measure everything from employee productivity to customer complaints. That means business leaders can make smarter, more strategic decisions that will help the business expand.
  • Enhanced customer relationships: Digital has improved customer-facing operations in many ways – from CRM software that keeps track of individuals’ buying preferences and patterns, to mobile POS systems that make in-store shopping easy and convenient.

But what about the downsides of digital transformation? A common concern is privacy – many people will be uncomfortable with the idea that their boss can monitor their tasks, movements and online activities throughout the workday. The upside is, it means employees can get constant, real-time feedback on their performance. It can also create a safer and more secure workplace. 

Another concern is automation. Will AI and robots eventually replace millions of workers? The jury is still out, but every past technological upheaval has created new jobs and industries as others have become obsolete.

smart office tools

Canon tools for the smart office

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