The internet of things and big data

How Canon is taking workplace connectivity by storm



How the internet of things has changed business

It wasn’t so long ago that our work demanded we physically commute into the office. We used paper, typewriters and telephones, all with limited connectivity.

Today, things are vastly different. The internet of things (IoT) – or the connecting of technological ‘things’ at work and home – has given us incredible flexibility and mobility. Computers, tablet devices, multifunctional devices, and mobile phones all enable teams to manage, store and share information seamlessly.

The opportunities are endless. This universe of linked devices, services and people has unleashed a new era of competitiveness.

Is your organization ready?


The opportunities

It’s undeniable that the IoT can help organizations streamline operational budgets. With business outcomes including improved productivity, elevated collaboration, heightened visibility, and increased efficiency, it’s no wonder that many organizations have implemented improvement initiatives using connected devices. They provide the ability to collect, process, and analyze data in real time.

But there are also many that have been challenged to achieve these goals. Hampered by insufficient expertise and security concerns, some organizations choose to implement a piecemeal approach. Without an end-to-end strategy that looks at the technological capabilities available to the specific needs of an organization and the methods by which to implement that technology efficiently and securely, opportunities are limited.

The risks, however, are not.


How Canon is securing workplace connectivity

The gains to be made in terms of productivity and flexibility from a connected office and suite of smart devices working in harmony are significant. But the keyword here is ‘harmony’ – organizations need to balance technological freedom with robust security, enabling staff to work efficiently and effectively without putting the business at risk.

Canon solutions ensure that information security management is beyond computers and online processes – it extends to everywhere that valuable information exists in the modern office.

Take print management and security, for example. Multifunctional devices work just like a PC or server. They operate across a network, connecting with the internet and storing data on hard drives. In doing so, they support innovation and enable collaboration, but also increase an organization’s vulnerability to potential attack.

Canon’s multifunction devices, however, are developed with IoT security in mind. We consider everything from user authentication and ‘scan-lock’ through to networking setup and ‘MY PRINT ANYWHERE’ features for multifunctional devices, stand-alone printers, and scanners. All of this reduces the risk of sensitive information being knowingly or unknowingly shared.

Secure print software solutions provide an additional layer of security. Among other things, Canon’s uniFLOW software enables organizations to enforce business sensibility by:

  • Controlling costs on a printer-by-printer basis.
  • Enforcing secure printing via user authentication.
  • Recording all activities to defer the leaking of confidential documents and enable auditing.

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