The future of security and sustainability in business

Why Document Management Systems aren’t all you need to go paperless


The future of security and sustainability in business

Document Process Automation Systems – make your workflow work for you

Business was once a local trade – we sold to our neighbours and provided services to the surrounding community. But with technology, distance is no longer an issue.

Our neighbours now have access to products and services from across the globe. And in the same manner, business is no longer limited by distance. It’s increasingly common for organisations to not only deliver products and services remotely, but also work remotely.

With talent in the Middle East no longer constrained to national borders, and the rapid spread of technological literacy, organizations are benefiting from a highly-trained local workforce, of which many work remotely. But for business, we need to ensure that this is underpinned by the right management system, or the risks of remote working can far outweigh the benefits.

And the question has to be asked – with a disparate workforce, how does a business ensure efficiency and consistency?

Document Process Automation Systems – make your workflow work for you

Provide a single point of control over business-critical processes

Enter the Océ COSMOS.

The Océ COSMOS is a single product that acts as an integrator. Instead of an organization managing individual pieces of data, it combines various inputs to deliver a structured workflow that, without requiring manual intervention, is efficient, cost-effective and accurate.

It’s the key to organizations transforming to a paperless office without compromising deliverability or security.

Regardless of industry, size or turnover, businesses generally use a combination of:

  • Printers and multifunction devices
  • Emails, instant messaging and other internet-based communication tools, and
  • Data storage solutions.

This relies on one or more IT systems to generate data in some form and shape. This data often needs to be split-up, collected, sorted, transformed in a different format, an electronic form needs to be added and combined again, and the cycle continues.

What is critical to highlight is that these preparation steps may operate in silos, rather than being connected.

As a document process automation system, the Océ COSMOS removes these silos. It enables you to manage a single workflow for the creation, manipulation and distribution of print and non-print data. Importantly, it’s not a document management system – it’s very much about linking and controlling the individual services that are required for complex printing and document production in a fully-automated running process.

Provide a single point of control over business-critical processes

The benefits of automating your document processing workflow

The benefits of introducing a document process automation system extend to all areas of the organization. There are workflow efficiencies, cost reductions, error reductions and more.

  • Mitigate organizational risk with proprietary business documents: All secure documents are located centrally, preventing unauthorised access or print
  • Streamline workflows by introducing efficiencies: The Océ COSMOS lets you create a workflow, with decisions and repeating process steps, using a drag and drop modular design
  • Complete integration into existing platforms: The system integrates seamlessly with the Océ PRISMA solution suite, partner products, third-party or even customer applications
  • Retain control over the entire process: With all data centralised for management and control, enjoy clarity and control of your traffic, error rate and costs
  • Introduce a lean workflow: Reduce the amount of human intervention needed in pre-processing, production management, finishing, fulfilment and archiving via automation
  • Save time in administration and debugging: Manage a single program instead of multiple outputs
  • Increase security: See your operations at a glance, with job status and each step in the process logged for full control from a single point of operation.

Every document is unique and has different requirements. These are usually laborious, pre-defined processes running step by step. With the Océ COSMOS, eliminate manual handling and deliver more controlled, professional and efficient processes while letting users concentrate more on their core business.

For a personalized consultation on how to maximize the value of your business by running processes automatically in the background.

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