Optimizing your office devices for success

Can multifunction devices bring value to your office?



Enhancing productivity and delivering confidentiality

Workplace efficiency is not about doing more work in less time – it’s more about producing quality work with less effort.

But with print, this is often overlooked as organizations reactively respond to growth. A multifunction device is procured, the IT department sets it up, and staff members begin to make use of it.

This leaves a huge gap within the framework of devices and users, providing no infrastructure to manage and monitor both the devices and user’s behavior - evaluating how and when they are used, what they are costing you, and even who is using them.

These considerations are integral to workplace efficiencies, introducing significant economic and security benefits when implemented. Best of all, a range of solutions can often be provided by a single piece of software.


Enhance productivity with innovative print management

Canon’s uniFLOW is one such piece of software. The solution was specifically designed to provide greater transparency and print management for organizations of all sizes.

It enables organizations to track (and charge) specific print jobs to individuals, departments, locations and/or projects. User-based reporting is invaluable for analysis and future planning, as well as for tweaking usage patterns to deliver cost efficiencies.

It’s also flexile with brand compatibility. It communicates directly with a range of different devices, with connectivity to all other brands enabled by an external terminal (Release Station).

Canon clients across multiple sectors have benefited from the software.

For example, a healthcare provider is using the “Scan to OneDrive” feature, automating the processing of documents to deliver increased processing speed and accuracy.

When Canon rolled it out across an educational institution’s campus, the software delivered:

  • Enhanced user accessibility.
  • Campus-wide user efficiencies.
  • Cost control.
  • Accountability via reporting and analysis.
  • Maximum uptime, significantly reducing service disruptions.


Make efficiency more than just a buzzword

While there is no single solution for managing the comprehensive life-cycle of print, uniFLOW ensures that print management is streamlined and secure.

Mobility: Mobile devices can be used to print on the go to any multifunction device, the job is released only when the user logs in.

User convenience: Benefit from a single universal print driver. Users can send their documents for print from anywhere across the organization, with the jobs spooled and held on the uniFLOW server. Only after user authentication at a multifunction device is the job auto-routed for release at that device.

Usage control: Unchecked print and copy costs are no longer a burden on overheads. Colour printing is limited to certain users, and photocopying can be restricted.

Process automation: Administrators can set up rules for process automation (as part of the scan process, files can be sent to specifically designated folders in OneDrive, Dropbox, SharePoint or other software programs) to initiate a streamlined workflow process.

Cost efficiency: Unreleased jobs are auto-deleted, eliminating unnecessary or accidental printing. Reporting provides insight into usage patterns and device utilization for control over how much each printer and user is costing the company.

Full system visibility: uniFLOW delivers 48 types of reports that indicate trends, cost-saving opportunities, environmental reports and more, all configured as a device, user, department or company level. Reporting enables complete visibility of the entire print infrastructure and can be automated to report to the designated personnel daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Make the most of your multifunction with smart software solutions. While you can build an incredible hardware system, the right software solution is critical to ensure those multifunction devices remain convenient, controlled and cost-efficient.

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