Digital book publishing: A new trending market

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Digital book publishing: A new trending market

A new competitive business model

The rise of digital has impacted countless industries and corporate sectors around the world, but perhaps none more so than print. However, smart business leaders are adjusting to the disruption by adopting new technologies and adapting to customer demand.

For book publishing, the ubiquity of digital provides a golden opportunity for defining a brand-new competitive business model – one in which Canon provides a range of solutions.

Through its ‘Triangle of Expertise’ approach to publishing, Canon is embracing a strategic three-way partnership between publishers, print service providers (PSPs) and digital technologies. By defining risk-averse strategies that harness the power of digital rather than shun it, Canon can help clients integrate new business models that make the most of the ever-changing publishing industry.

A new competitive business model

Short-run and on-demand printing

Bypassing the issues that typically arise in the traditional publishing industry – namely, ordering too much printed stock – short-run and on-demand printing eliminate these problems, while at the same time delivering exactly what the customer wants.

Not only do these digital capabilities reduce waste and inventory while helping publishers control costs, but they are powering new business models – ones that allow content to swiftly move between traditional and on-demand printing, as well as electronic publishing and physical distribution. This is the new world of dynamic publishing, also referred to as ‘smart publishing’.

One thing PSPs understand better than most is that digital content never sleeps. The industry may appear stable, with a delicate balancing act occurring between print and digital competitors – like ebooks and other forms of entertainment – but publishers can’t afford to rest on their laurels.

Digital printing brings traditional publishing into the digital future, with a solution that helps both publishers and book producers overcome the challenges of shorter print runs and declining page volumes.

Short-run and on-demand printing

The ‘Triangle of Expertise’

No matter how long they’ve serviced customers, everyone involved in the publishing industry has witnessed the major disruptions caused by new technologies. To overcome these challenges, publishers and PSPs have joined forces to adapt to an ever-changing and often volatile market.

With Canon as the third partner – a technology solutions provider – in this ‘Triangle of Expertise’, publishers and PSPs can build new strategies based on solid business models. With Canon’s offering of digital solutions for short-run and on-demand publishing, they can also future-proof themselves while reducing the common expenses of running a traditional publishing house.

Canon is invested in the future. It’s why we are always investigating how opportunities can be transformed into real business. With a storied history in the book publishing sector, we are in the best position to offer advice and services for publishers to navigate the market.

From beginning to end, we tailor solutions according to our customers’ needs. And once a solution is in place, we remain invested with the client and continually work to ensure the business reaches its full potential with digital print.

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