Have you thought about color printing?

How color printing helps campaigns hit KPIs


Have you thought about color printing

Increasing your exposure

The average person can see between 4,000 and 10,000 ads every single day. In this highly saturated market, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Despite the digital revolution, print marketing is still an incredibly popular medium across the Middle East and beyond.

In order to capitalise on the print market, it’s important to maintain a memorable brand aesthetic that boosts exposure and maintains a valued reputation.

How does colour printing help keep campaigns on track?

Colour increases brand recognition by 80%. Considering the fact that there are over 200 million companies in the world, creating a recognised brand is especially important. Some global brands are even easily discerned by their colour choice alone. A trusted brand displays a well-developed colour palette that quickly differentiates them from competitors in the field.

For sharp graphics, slick and accurate colours and a demanding print marketing environment, printers such as the OCE Arizona are keeping campaigns afloat. Large scale printing allows brand messaging to be heard loud and clear, with tangible results.

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Increasing your exposure

Utilizing psychology

Colour psychology can be used to build a strong, relatable brand. Across the globe, colours insinuate a number of things which may alter relatability to the audience. Blue, for example, often denotes sadness in Europe and North America. However, in Turkey, Greece, Iran and Afghanistan, blue signifies healing and positivity. Green symbolises luck and nature in the West, but signifies religion and youthfulness in the East.

Printing in black and white means that these opportunities for conveying emotion and symbolism in your marketing cannot be conveyed as strongly. Large format printers with unique UVgel technology ensure that even the largest print materials hold their colour as vividly as they did when they rolled off the flatbed; allowing target audiences to connect with colour messaging.

Utilizing psychology

Evoking emotion

By using colour in marketing, print and advertising, companies can stay current and easily update their look. Using trending colours in your designs allows them to feel contemporary. Viral colours, such as Pantone’s Colour of the Year - Living Coral, evoke an emotion or represent a feeling of the time.

As customer confidence increases in the Middle Eastern region, so too does customer awareness. Ensuring that your brand is mimicking the wants and concerns of its audience is essential if you want to stay current.

In order to stay relevant, print software must be capable of powerful automation, connected user interfaces, high speed graphics and dedicated workflows. The Onyx Thrive is a scalable, large format print production software that offers simple end-to-end workflows, colour management, printing and cutting.

Evoking emotion

It’s more cost effective than ever

In order to stick to KPIs, budgets and costings must be adhered to. In the past, colour printing was the enemy of marketing KPIs due its expensive reputation. With ranges such as the OCE range and other modern printers, this simply isn’t the case. UVgel technology uses less ink and efficiently delivers a perfect and improved colour gamut.

Rapid job turnover means that there is little to no idle downtime, keeping things rolling. Plus, high quality printers now produce printed products that last longer, negating the need for regular reprints or replacements.

Essentially, colour promotes a memorable brand, helps to catch the attention of specific audiences and establishes relevancy. When it comes to campaign KPIs, using a targeted approach to colour can be highly beneficial and far more cost-effective than you might think.

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