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Inspiring trailblazers
Epic Journeys

Celebrate changemakers with Canon, and learn from the BTS testimonial featuring professional tips, tricks, and the cameras used to create a video showcasing these bold trailblazers.

Discovering the Unstoppable

Get inspired by the Middle East’s most pioneering trailblazers, as we take you on an epic journey, where they share their challenges, victories and drive to succeed. Captured and brought to life via Canon’s game-changing EOS R5 C, EOS C70 and EOS R7 cameras.

Who are our trailblazers?

Embark on an inspiring journey with the Middle East's trailblazers and learn from their challenges, victories, and unwavering drive to succeed.

  • Amrita Sethi

    The first NFT artist of the Middle East who made waves as the first artist to introduce Augmented Reality (AR) artwork into mainstream society.

  • Dina Al Tayeb

    The 1st Arab woman to qualify for the Ironman World Championship and the first Saudi Arabian woman to complete a full-distance Ironman triathlon.

  • Dr. Majida Alazazi

    Chairwoman of M Glory Holding, and the Emirati woman behind the development of the UAE’s first-ever electric car.

  • Arqam Al Abri

    Emirati soul singer, who believes music is a powerful medium to transmit a positive message to others.

  • Fatima Al Harthi

    As one of the UAE’s youngest female endurance riders and equestrian, Fatima Al Harthi has broken many stereotypes and challenged many norms, to emerge as a voice of a new generation.

  • Laila Al Yousuf

    A unique voice within a male-dominated field, Leila has shattered many glass ceilings along the way. From being the youngest and only female voice on many construction sites, to setting up her own firm, Laila is a true inspiration.

  • Maximilian Busser

    A creative genius who has taken the watch industry by storm, Max Busser is known for challenging the conventional and always going where others have not dared.

  • Dr. (Eng.) Suaad Alshamsi

    To be the first’ to achieve something is a rare privilege, requiring tremendous bravery, perseverance and will power. As the first female Emirati flight engineer, Dr. Suaad embodies all these qualities and is a role model for generations to come.

  • Layla Kardani

    With a distinct singing style and a refusal to compromise, Layla uses her singing to share her unique point of view and offer a new perspective.

  • Raha Moharrak

    With a taste for adventure and the first Saudi woman to climb Mount Everest, Raha has truly forged her own path. Not letting the norms of society define her, Raha followed her dreams to emerge on top of the world.

  • Faisal Fahad Al Nashmi

    Setting the culinary scene on fire with his new concepts and tantalizing dishes, Faisal is synonymous with revolutionizing the food scene in Kuwait.

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