How Canon Technology Can Streamline External Communications

Customer communication management software offers optimal control and personalization.


How Canon Technology Can Streamline External Communications

Customer-centric software

Adopting a multi-channel communication strategy is key to the success of any business in our new, evolving digital world. However, many companies find themselves in muddied waters due to cross-pollinating campaigns, confused avatar messaging and a plethora of documents and product information.

Customer Communication Management software aims to streamline the process of getting in front of your ideal customers by solving operational silos, keeping teams up to date with changing regulations and providing relief for time stretched IT resources.

Customers receive targeted, personalised communications and hybrid experiences, whilst your team remain organised, in control and highly effective.

So, how does it work?

Customer-centric software

Saving time while remaining profitable

Time saving: Programs such as Océ COSMOS offer a single point of control for your organisation’s business-critical document management. Remove the need to endless searches and numerous files entrenched in email chains. This end-to-end tool keeps all your workflows and reports in one place, enabling anyone to access them at the touch of a button.

Forget hours of proof-reading and embarrassing errors - CCM systems are often integrated with intelligent error detection, keeping your message clear and undiluted.

Document scanning and capturing helps to bridge the gap between print and digital, but it’s time consuming. Using automated, high-speed scanning and indexing software cuts down on time-consuming manual tasks, allowing your office to have constant access to all relevant documents and previous campaigns.

Profitability: Companies such as Aegon have found that they can maximise their profits by using CCM systems. Our outsourced Customer Communications solution led to 50% faster mail processing and a total 25% cost reduction.

Many CCM’s also assist with the migration from print to digital, creating further savings in material cost and printing supplies. The need for back-office recruitment can also be diminished through Digital Mailroom and high-speed scanning and filing software.

Saving time while remaining profitable

Pivoting with tech to stay relevant

Latest technology: If your office is using print, but wants to make the experience more immersive for customers, PrintShop Mail allows you to personalise print collateral using information stored in your database. Add names, increase response rates, repeat orders and deliver highly personalised campaigns using the latest technology.

On demand document production is made simple: receive information, extract the data, apply a template, produce the document, distribute the document to the relevant data segment and archive the document to be used in later campaigns.

Versatility: The processes undertaken by multi-channel Customer Communications Management Software are useful in many different applications. Not only do offices benefit from the advent of streamlined external communications, but public services such as governments, local authorities and the education system can use this versatile product.

Just as CCM systems can be used to drive customer engagement, they can be used to streamline diverse communication pools, prepare for large scale events and handle print collateral production. In the case of exams, booklet printing can be automated, personalised and stored for the next student intake.

Active: Of course, technology is always ready. Using a CCM system allows your business to be a 24/7 operation, generating continuous engagement, delivering optimised response times and eliminating downtime through print and digital production software that works while you sleep.

A dedicated CCM system eliviates many common business silos and enables offices to cut out time-consuming manual tasks. Overall, the effect is a streamlined, cost-effective and low stress environment where new staff can be easily onboarded, campaigns can be assessed 24/7 and customers receive beautifully personalised communications.

From flexible printing software to personalised multi channel marketing campaigns and real-time analytics, CCM systems are the digital transformation that can turn your office into a smart-office overnight.

88% of businesses are yet to benefit from their digital strategy, discover how to optimise yours for success - with Canon Customer Communications Management.

Find out how to optimize your office for success.

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