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standardizing business processes

How standardizing business processes can yield results

Standardization has become a buzzword in business, with organizations now well aware of how important it is to standardize business processes between functions to maximize productivity. What is often overlooked, however, is the standardization of data across channels and the role it can play in profitability, efficiency, and innovation.

what is standardization

What is data standardization?

Data standardization is the process of transforming your data into a consistent format. For many organizations, data lives in separate systems, all of which have different levels of accessibility, rules, and processes, and are made up of different formats.

As an organization, this presents challenges, particularly with analysis. It can result in business decisions that are made on one part of the puzzle, but not the big picture.

Data is a strategic asset. Regardless of the industry, standardizing this data across an organization yields results.

Canon’s Smart Data Capture software streamline this process by taking the data from various sources and, based on organizational rules, transforming it into a consistent and usable format. Critical documents are scanned, run through optical character recognition (OCR), split, sorted and classified. With built-in analysis, it’s smart data capture of paper-based information.

Organizations can then use this data to manage employee time or training or deliver improvements in productivity, campaign work, department budgeting, and cost management.

unifying data across departments

Unifying data across departments to drive innovation

Ensuring organizational data is stored and maintained with a unified approach is critical to supporting business processes. It’s also critical to identifying areas where those processes can be developed, where new clients can be sourced or where quality improvements can be made.

Having access to a complete suite of real-time organizational data is key to innovation. Vitally, that data must be accurate and internally consistent.

This means that standardization is vital. In fact, one of the main causes of delay for data migration projects is a lack of data standardization. With Canon solutions, your data is stored in a standard, accessible format, with a range of common content formats and outputs available.

Through analysis, organizations can identify and solve problems, as well as potentially refine procedures and identify new opportunities.

For client-facing organizations, it provides a single customer view. For example, Canon developed a data standardization solution for a school in Dubai. Combining Canon’s Smart Data Capturing Software with our Intelligent Grading Application, the system reduces exam-grading time by at least 50%.

What’s critical, however, is the analysis of those grades. Teachers can run a range of detailed analytical reports at both student and class level. This gives them quantifiable insight into the individual and overall performance of their students. For the school, Canon’s data-driven intervention is helping teachers close the learning gaps.

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