Managed Cloud Services

Achieve business success with office workplace technology that utilises market-leading asset optimisation and enterprise support services.

Two women and a man sitting in front of a long white desk adorned with PCs compare notes between pieces of paper and a tablet device.

Customer Communications Management Online

Adopt a customer-centric, cost-saving approach with our unique cloud-based Customer Communication Management (CCM) platform.

Woman with hand on her hip stands over another woman working at a large computer screen in an office warehouse setting.

Software as a Service

Embrace modern ways of working with Canon office equipment connected to Canon cloud software.

Other services

Overhead shot of office workers sat round an oval-shaped table on orange chairs, spread with papers and a laptop computer.

Business Process Consulting Services

Stay ahead of the competition – take advantage of the increasingly digital world to boost efficiency and improve customer engagement.

Blonde-haired woman rests a laptop in her hands as she chats to a bald man dressed in a stripy white jumper.

Device Lifecycle Services

Maintain security and maximise efficiency with a range of support services to help optimise your Canon Office solutions throughout their lifetime.

Blue-tinged view of a man in jeans and T-shirt referring to a clipboard while checking an IT data centre.

Support and Maintenance

Gain peace of mind with 24/7 device support, plus proactive remote monitoring, to enhance the performance of your Canon solution.

Drive costs down and efficiency up, with Canon Business Services.