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Data standardization with Canon’s Smart Data Capture

Data standardization is critical to enable informed decision-making and deliver profitability, efficiency, and innovation. It’s more than turning your office ‘paperless’. For many organizations, some of their most valuable data is locked in ‘unstructured’ content – scanned documents, PDFs, emails, data-processing files and more. This leads to inefficient and potentially inaccurate data extraction.

Canon’s Smart Data Capture OCR software changes all of that.

transform paper into data

Transform paper documents into valuable data

Scanning is replacing paper-based operations with digital documents. The Canon Smart Data Capture software provides more than just scanning – it transforms your documents into strategic assets.

Our powerful software extracts meaningful data from your documents. That data is then integrated into your systems, facilitating well-informed business decisions, intelligent processes, and dynamic content management.

It’s not enough to merely store the information. You need to make it work for you.

With Smart Data Capture software, documents can be fully indexed, compressed and converted to use with your system and workflow. The smart technology covers optional modules, which extend the processing to external applications.

Instead of having unstructured content spread across the organization in a variety of formats, potentially exposing confidential files or losing critical information, Smart Data Capture software captures and stores your information for easy accessibility.

You can import and export documents to any destination. This isn’t limited to folders and the cloud, but also a range of applications. Additionally, security can be set at an individual or group level, and file metadata provides a document audit trail to ensure compliance.

optimize cost savings

Optimize your cost savings

The Smart Data Capture OCR software reduces the need for manual auditing while delivering increased accuracy. Bespoke modules deliver an end-to-end solution specifically designed to your organization or industry needs.

Canon efficiency solutions are developed to deliver workflow improvements, streamline processes and alleviate resource-dense activities. These deliver cost reductions while enabling you to extend existing resources to generate additional income.

Canon developed a document-management system for Volkswagen Financial Services, which develops individual finance plans adapted to each customer’s needs, and also manages and maintains comprehensive mobility services.

Volkswagen Financial Services needed a system to speed up their invoice processing. Crafting a solution around their needs, Canon proposed the Therefore solution combined with a module for capture and automatic recognition of invoices.

The solution not only integrates with SAP, the company’s international accounting solution but also reduces errors and reduces the use of paper.

Vitally, this document solution provides Volkswagen Financial Services with complete control over every single document, includes automatic controls to prevent errors, and boosts savings and sustainability through reduced space for physical archives.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large organization, Smart Data Capture OCR software will deliver immediate ROI. Ease the burden of paperwork and ensure organizational consistency with document-scanning software that integrates it into your business systems.

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