Document Scanners

Canon IRIScan Desk 5 Desktop Camera Scanner

Scan, record and export documents and photos with a USB-based document camera featuring powerful processing software.

  • 8MPX

    Camera resolution

  • 138 languages

    OCR software

  • 1.5 seconds

    Scanning speed (B&W A4)

  • Text, audio and video

    Multiple file formats

Innovative and versatile document scanning

Efficiency personified, scan books, business cards, passports and A3 documents in seconds, with additional capability to create explainer videos with simultaneous multi-camera video recording.

Enhanced video

Seamlessly combine images from your scanner and webcam to create multi-camera video recordings. Simple to export and share, they’re ideal for online tutorials.

Intuitive performance

Scan in seconds with just one click, while automatic settings, such as page recognition, orientation and image cropping, make the process even smoother.

Extra flexibility

Lightweight and foldable, this compact scanner can be carried in a laptop case, while the USB power supply gives you the freedom to use it whenever and wherever you need.


  • Portable USB-powered desktop camera scanner

  • 3-second scanning speed B&W (A4)

  • JPEG, PDF, Word, Excel, EPUB, AVI, MPEG, FLV, WMV file formats

  • 8MPX camera resolution

  • Audio conversion with editable Text-To-Speech (TTS) / 138 OCR languages

  • Video capture and multi-camera video recording

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