With your business concept on hand, it’s time to pursue your passion by developing your visual portfolio.

Why you need a portfolio.

Creating a portfolio is an essential step in the process of launching your creative career.

Lots of videographers shoot music videos. Lots of photographers take portraits of children. Lots of printers print business cards. When potential customers are deciding whether or not to hire you, they want to know what makes you different from your competitors. A stunning portfolio might be the thing that makes the difference. If you can show how your product or service is unique and valuable, you’ll be in a better position to sell your work.

What you need to do.

The most successful entrepreneurs are innovative. This module challenges you to demonstrate how your product or service is creative while still meeting your customers’ needs. In a portfolio, you will be able to showcase this visually through artwork, photography, or design.

By logging into your Aktashif account here, there is one video for you to watch to complete Module 3 and progress into the programme.

Module 3 video: Building brand pillars

Module 3 submissions include the following:

  • Portfolio of your work that showcases what is innovative about your work (File Formats: PDF, image file or mp4)
  • Two-minute video in which you communicate what is innovative about your business (Video Format: mp4)
  • Submissions in English and Arabic will both be accepted.

Upload your work through your Aktashif account by logging here no later than 11:59 PM GST on 31st January 2022.

What the judges are looking for.

A panel of photographers, printers and other creative professionals will assess the innovativeness of your business based on the following criteria:

  • Uniqueness: Is your product or service different from solutions that already exist?
  • Value: Does your product or service fulfil a real need or solve a real problem?
  • Competitiveness: Is your product or service better than what competitors offer?

We’re happy to help.

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