Canon committed to Saudi Arabia’s social and economic growth as the Kingdom celebrates a milestone National Day

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; September 23, 2020: Canon Saudi Arabia, a provider of imaging technologies and services, is successfully working with its customers, employees and community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to navigate the changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. As KSA celebrates its 90th National Day, Canon reiterates its alignment to Vision 2030 and commitment to the future advancement of the Kingdom’s economic development by reinforcing its digitally focused, hybrid structure to support its customers seize growth and development opportunities.

Canon honours and celebrates the dedication of its frontline engineers for ensuring business continuity and supporting essential sectors during the pandemic

Established two years ago, Canon KSA achieved significant progress in terms of its objectives and despite the onset of the global pandemic by supporting its customers with minimal disruption through several initiatives including: extending the 1-year warranty for free on all products, instating a unique 10-year warranty programme on labour and spares, guaranteeing the availability of supplies, consumables and parts, enhanced its Managed Print Services (MPS) offering, and transitioning sales to a digital platform to seamlessly provide imaging products and solutions.

To ensure continuity of customer support, Canon KSA provided technical training to its partners and employees, and increased the number of its service engineers, Canon’s own frontline heroes, who in-person attended to critical requests for service by government entities, healthcare institutions and other essential sectors that supported KSA’s containment of the pandemic. Through e-signature and a digital workflow approval process, Canon worked with the biggest shipping company to maintain the regular flow of goods and food supplies into KSA.

Canon achieved 100% customer satisfaction rating, up from 96% last year, as it delivered these initiatives during one of the most challenging and economically uncertain times globally.

Shadi Bakhour, B2B Business Director and Country Manager for Canon Saudi Arabia, said: “This year we were faced with many challenges such as maintaining the safety of our employees and guaranteeing our capability to support our customers and their business continuity. We were true to our corporate philosophy of Kyosei, which means living and working together for the common good, as we focused on ways to support the three pillars that have enabled our success in the Kingdom so far: our customers, employees and the wider community. On Saudi Arabia’s National Day, we reiterate our objective of being closer to our customers, delivering high quality products and customer service, and creating a multitude of business opportunities to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. One of the ways was to enhance and strengthen our tech-based, hybrid operational model to enable more flexibility for our customers and support them transition to a digital working environment that ensures their business continuity.”

“Canon KSA completely believes in human capital development of the Kingdom and we remain committed in hiring local talent and giving them new opportunities,” Bakhour further added. 

Operating from Riyadh with an additional two branches in Jeddah and Al Khobar, Canon KSA represents the company’s largest entity in the region. Canon KSA is further contributing to the Kingdom’s economy and industrial diversification strategy as outlined by Vision 2030, increasing opportunities for Saudi youth and women. Currently, 33% of Canon KSA employees are Saudi nationals and the company remains committed to train Saudi university students and provide employment opportunities post-graduation.

For the community, Canon KSA has implemented several initiatives aligned with Vision 2030 ambitions for the education sector, including partnership agreements with King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah and Mohammed Al-Mana College for Medical Sciences, to develop the KSA’s higher education standards and technology-enabled training for Saudi students.

Canon KSA will also continue to build and strengthen its relationships with Saudi society through environmental and community welfare programmes as part of its broader CSR initiatives delivered across the region and globally.