Why user experience is king

Are your software and products optimized and convenient to use? If not, you’re gifting clients to your competitors.


Why user experience is king

Are you gifting clients to your competitors with poor UX?

Choice is king for users when it comes to our fast-paced digital domains. When you can’t find what you’re looking for there’s always another, more satisfying option right around the corner. The buffet is endless, and patience is no longer a practiced virtue.

User experience (UX) is the gateway to the complete Middle Eastern customer experience (CX) – it’s a business’ all-important digital welcoming mat. We think about it like this:

  • UX is all about the people interacting with your site or product, and the quality of the experience they receive from that interaction.
  • CX is all about your brand – how clients experience your service. But to get them there, you need to provide a quality UX.

Are you gifting clients to your competitors with poor UX?

Why UX design must be the foundation of your digital communications

Quality UX design doesn’t have to be explained. It’s well-thought out and planned around multiple facets that can affect the quality of a user’s interaction with your product. These include:

  • Branding – Well-optimized UX has your brand promise and brand behaviour in sync
  • Usability – A strong UX-focused interface is intuitive and simple to navigate
  • Functionality – Design is well-planned around user needs, and
  • Content – Copy is clear, concise and useful, written specifically for the user experience.

At a high level, this results in:

  • Simple navigation
  • Simple interaction
  • Fast information retrieval
  • The ability of users to complete actions with ease
  • Focussed attention on capture, and
  • Focussed attention on retention.

 If UX doesn’t form the core of your design, there will be an undeniable disconnect between the interface and the user. The result? At a technical level, a high bounce rate with low user retention. At a financial level, loss of sales.

Why UX design must be the foundation of your digital communications

How to use UX to drive profit margins

The benefits of optimized UX include increased sales, an ascending return on investment (ROI), and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

For this reason, it’s critical for organizations to continually evaluate product performance. Even those who design around the most stringent of user requirements invest in ongoing testing, measuring and development in order to refine their UX to meet evolving consumer needs.  Failing to optimize in line with user needs and desires exposes an organization to an inevitable reduction in user interactivity and customer dissatisfaction. This is the trigger for a potentially significant drop in sales and, invariably, a negative return on investment.

Optimizing design and functionality, and having a willingness to adapt when encountering inefficiencies, is key to Middle Eastern organisations building a solid UX foundation. And it’s never been so relevant as now, when the future of UX is invariably automation. We’ve watched as machine learning and artificial intelligence have played an increasingly pivotal role in transforming the Middle Eastern business operations. We’re automating more and more complex processes, and pushing the boundaries in more and more industries. And as we do so, the interaction between automation and UX optimization can only become more fluent.

In streamlining the repetitive cycles that are often characteristic of product conception and prototyping, the design process becomes less cluttered, enabling the user experience to come to the fore.

Research and develop. Embrace new technologies. Test and measure. Repeat. Automation is not a threat – as the future of UX it will undeniably help us all harness technology and innovation to build an even better consumer product.

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