PRISMAlytics Accounting

A simple and secure cloud-based tool delivering near-real-time print data for quick billing. Safeguard the profitability of your operation with data captured per job, customer or department for accurate performance monitoring and cost charging.


Reliable data for cost allocation

Manage costs securely and efficiently by tracking data from the heart of your PRISMAsync-driven devices.

Key benefits

  • Detailed usage data

    Export data to Invoice individuals, departments, or clients

  • Secure and accessible

    Cloud-based accounts information

  • Easy to deploy

    Activate your subscription, no additional IT support needed

  • Real-time monitoring

    Detailed insights from up-to-date reports

  • Secure cloud storage

    Up to 10 GB storage standard in PRISMA home

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Capturing cost data is key to the profitability of print operations, particularly for operations managers working across multiple devices and sites. No matter how large or small the job, PRISMAlytics Accounting collects detailed productivity data so you can analyse usage, quickly allocate costs to budget holders and invoice customers. Facilitate fast and accurate cost charging across your operation with this cloud-based accounting tool.

Accurate data capture

Easily invoice usage to individual users, departments, groups, or clients. PRISMAlytics Accounting integrates into your production print operation, delivering reliable data tracking and capture from PRISMAsync-driven production devices.

Intuitive usability

No additional training or IT support is needed. Get started by simply activating your subscription in PRISMA Home and begin securely accessing cloud-based accounts information when you need it.

Detailed insights

Get all the print, copy and scan data you need for faster cost allocation of usage and supplies. Automatically generated account overviews drill down into individual users, departments, and clients, with combined reports across multiple devices.

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