imagePRESS V1350

High End Printers

Canon imagePRESS V1350

A fast, durable, high-quality, and high-volume Digital Color Press with innovative technology for high levels of automation.

  • 135ppm

    A4 print speed

  • 72 million sheets

    Printer durability

  • 2400 x 2400 dpi

    Print quality

  • 2.4 million

    Duty cycle

  • Achieve high-quality, diverse printing

    Boost productivity and efficiency with mass printing at speeds of 135ppm. Transform your printing processes and meet diverse printing needs with innovative technology from the imagePRESS V1350.

    Maximise productivity

    Save time by printing at speeds of 135ppm. Automate printing adjustments with the sensing unit and carry out mass printing.

    Print a wide range of media

    Meet diverse printing demands by using the imagePRESS V1350 to print promotional materials, point of sales, high-end business cards and packaging.

    Adjust colours

    Ensure consistent printing colour by using the in-line spectrophotometer sensor to automatically adjust colours, and correct colours with the multi-D.A.T. colour correction mechanism.

    Print in top quality

    Front to back registration, an efficient cooling unit and air vacuum feed input technology enable the output of high-quality materials.

    imagePRESS V1350

    Finishing Options

  • GBC PowerPunch

    An efficient on-line punching system that matches the speed of fastest printers to relieve production bottlenecks.

  • BLM50 and BLM35 Production Booklet Makers

    Creating saddle-stitch and square fold booklets of up to 200 pages with these in-line booklet making solution.

  • BDT VX 370 Long Sheet

    Enjoy productivity and versatility from this high-capacity long sheet feeder

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    Discover how the Canon imagePRESS V1350 can help you maximise productivity.


    • Fast print speeds

      135ppm A4

    • Print resolution

      2400 x 2400 dpi

    • Media weight support


    • Automated adjustments

      In-line spectrophotometric sensor

    • Front and back registrations


    imagePRESS V1350

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