Tech advancements drive business opportunities for PSPs

Photo printing opportunities in an image-focused world


Tech advancements drive business opportunities for PSPs

Photo printing in a modern world

Digitally printed images are in high demand for consumers and business alike.

With photography now accessible to anyone with a smartphone, images have come to dominate our everyday experiences and not just online. A few years ago, consumers took thousands of images with a ‘snap it and forget it’ mentality, but there has been an increased demand for printed photographs in the form of personalized photo books and museum-quality prints mounted on living room and office walls.

Marketing professionals are capitalizing on printed photo material's’ ability to drive emotional responses and product purchases. Forty-three percent of consumers will purchase after seeing a print ad and 58% of people view printed materials as trustworthy. Collateral materials with 50% photo coverage are 84% more effective in generating sales and 91% more effective in reaching customers.

Whether designing offices, retail stores or residential spaces, interior designers are relying on customized imagery to represent brand values and create inviting spaces. As printing processes have advanced and become more affordable, the ability to print unique photographic materials in the form of wallpaper and textiles has taken off in this industry.

Photo printing in a modern world

Capitalizing on the demand for quality photo printing

To take advantage of consumers’ and brands’ need for digitally printed materials, print service providers (PSP) must have the right technology in place. For PSPs that already have high-quality, high productivity digital printers and short-run finishing equipment, increasing revenue streams will be dependent on offering customers an easy-to-use web interface that makes placing orders a cinch.

PSPs who have yet to invest in the right equipment will find that once they do, they will see a high return on investment (ROI) as they can immediately start to offer new services and build lucrative relationships by delivering better than expected materials in a fraction of the time. However, choosing the right machines is critical to finding success with this new business model.

Even the most challenging printing jobs can be completed under tight deadlines with Canon’s Océ VarioPrint 6160Ultra+ Line. It offers offset-like quality with near-perfect registration and produces 314 A4 images per minute without sacrificing quality. Improved paper input modules increase the size and weight flexibility of usable media, and the line runs non-stop production for up to four hours.

Another printer option to consider is Canon’s imagePRESS C850 series which offers impressive productivity within its space saving design. Supporting a wide range of media including duplex banner printing, this line delivers high resolution 2400X2400 dpi with 256 gradations and a print speed of 85ppm.

Capitalizing on the demand for quality photo printing

Innovative UV Gel brings sustainability to businesses

Every PSP is looking to reduce their carbon footprint and improve efficiency. Canon’s innovative UV Gel technology brings together the best of aspects of eco-solvent, latex and UV inks while eliminating the negative characteristics of each. The UV gel offers the same wide scale color as solvent inks but without producing harmful gases, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable.

When the ink comes into contact with media, it instantly gels, resulting in precise dot placement. The gel creates a thin ink profile and instantly dries, making it ideal for high quality, high production work. When compared to solvent and latex ink, UV gel requires about half the amount of ink, offering PSPs a great cost-saving opportunity.

Canon’s technological advancements, from printers to UV gel to printer heads, give PSPs a strategic advantage over their competition and enable them to deliver what customers require.

Find out how digital print technology can open new revenue streams.

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