Customize your interior décor with wide-format digital print

How interior designers are disrupting the industry



A solution to interior design: Wide-format printers

The role of the interior designer is no longer limited to conceptualizing spaces and identifying products to suit. With branding becoming a critical element of business, the need to deliver bespoke retail, hospitality and other consumer-based spaces is intensifying. At the same time, budgets are tight and finding the perfect accent piece can be challenging.

Unique, emotive and personalized focal pieces can be designed and created to drive any consumer outcome and suit any space. And when you can print faux-expensive finishes printed on inexpensive media, you can provide clients with greater value at lower cost.


Why printed interior décor is a need, not a want

Any interior – homes, offices, restaurants and retail stores – are ripe for digitally produced interior décor opportunities. Greater creativity, increased speed and the ability to truly personalize a private space or brand experience for consumers is only the beginning.

Customization: Printed interior décor enables pure customization. Whether it’s our desire to imprint a personal style on our own space, or a commercial need to drive strategic and consistent branding, wide-format printers take designs from concept to reality.

Simplicity: By bringing printing in-house, wide-format printers remove the need to liaise with external vendors. Project management is simple and straightforward, and despite the process covering a number of disciplines, it supports simplicity – from concept design to end result.

Speed: Wide-format digital printing is a ‘no-downtime’ printing solution. A significant advantage is a reduction in time from origination to a finished product. Traditional print production required long lead times, high volumes and extensive set-up costs. By comparison, Canon’s wide-format printers produce individual pieces on demand.

Cost savings: Reduced downtime leads to significant internal cost savings. At the same time, the provision of a specialized service and delivery of higher-value work leads to an increase in profit margins. And because wide-format digital printing is ideal for single prints and very short runs, bespoke solutions are no longer hindered by minimum numbers or cost limitations.


Expand your business opportunities

Interior decor experts are asked to develop visual solutions that fulfill both decorative and practical needs.

Particularly in commercial organizations, wide-format digital printing allows for the design and delivery of all-consuming client experiences, from shopfronts that entice people to enter through to internal spaces that subtly communicate their ‘need’ for the product.

Wide-format printing lets forward-thinking designers provide bespoke client solutions that are fit for purpose. When trends drive demand, our print solutions enable you to service client needs with reduced risk, reduced cost and reduced lead times. At the same time, you’re increasing your service provisions, expanding your target market and extending your profit margins.

Critically, you’re able to deliver higher-value solutions in a short time frame without requiring additional staff. You’re removing the need for outsourcing, providing a streamlined and client-centric solution.

It’s why Dubai’s innovative and forward-thinking interior designers are using custom, large-format printing solutions to expand their target audiences, tap into their ideal clients and generate additional revenue streams.

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