Why compromise? Introducing HQ wide format productivity

How UV gel technology is transforming digital print.

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Why compromise? Introducing HQ wide format productivity

Productivity vs Quality

Demand for wide-format and décor printing continues to grow, boosted by the ever-improving customisation and short-run capabilities of digital printing. In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, research1 predicts a healthy 8.7% annual growth of the market for print products and services between 2017-2022.

While this is great news for print service providers (PSPs), less welcome will be the increasing customer demands for faster turnarounds, shorter runs, and just-in-time delivery. To meet these expectations, PSPs have often had to focus on productivity at the expense of print quality. With the advent of new UVgel technology, however, PSPs will no longer have to make this trade-off.

Inkjet print quality is a complex interplay of resolution, dot volume and placement, colour management, media type, and other factors. Ultimately, though, the quality of the final ink finish is what makes all the difference to the discerning eye.

Using traditional 64” latex and eco-solvent roll-to-roll systems, the high quality demanded by modern print applications – such as signage, POS displays, wallcoverings and floor and vehicle graphics – is only achievable at low print speeds. This is due to two factors: a lengthy drying stage, and the print dots spreading and/or coalescing into each other (otherwise known as dot gain).

These limitations only worsen when highly absorbent media is used. A common solution is to gradually build up the image in multiple layers, depositing less ink on each pass and waiting for it to dry before printing another layer – inevitably impacting productivity and turnaround time.

Nozzle failure due to ink build-up or debris are also common problems when running current systems at high speed, causing unscheduled downtime and potentially making the print product unsellable.

Why compromise? Introducing HQ wide format productivity

Unparalleled speed

UVgel directly tackles the speed versus quality problem that has dogged existing print technologies. It allows you to combine the highest output speeds with extended colour gamut and optimal print-to-print consistency across a broad choice of media.

This is made possible by UVgel technology being designed from the ground up to overcome two key limitations associated with current evaporative ink technologies:

Instant dry: On contact with the substrate, UVgel ink droplets immediately solidify into a gel. This prevents any uncontrolled dot gain, while delivering more accurate dot position and coverage.

Automatic quality control: UVgel technology includes a quality control system that uses sound waves to continuously monitor the printhead nozzles for blockages or defects. Malfunctioning nozzles are automatically disabled, with neighbouring nozzles compensating to maintain consistent quality.

Being able to lay down the appropriate amount of ink in fewer passes substantially reduces printing time. Most jobs can be completed at 40 to 60m2 per hour – a five-fold increase in speed for some customers compared to evaporative printing systems.

Why compromise? Introducing HQ wide format productivity

Weather ready

Whether it’s decorative print applications such as wallcoverings, or retail graphics for demanding brands, print quality and durability, closely followed by rapid turnaround, are key to customer satisfaction. Typically, however, no one printing device can offer all these advantages.

Indoor images demand precise image and colour reproduction, which excludes fast-drying conventional UV ink. Latex ink, whilst waterproof, needs high drying heat, limiting the range of suitable media and increasing energy costs. Likewise, the volatile organic compounds (VOC) in eco-solvent limit its indoor use. UVgel technology performs well across a broad range of media, allowing PSPs to meet diverse applications against tight deadlines.

Why compromise? Introducing HQ wide format productivity

Quality is critical

The rapid rate of digital transformation in the Middle East, especially in countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia which have government-driven targets, presents significant growth opportunities for digital PSPs. If you are seeking to ramp up productivity to meet escalating demand, you simply cannot afford to skimp on quality or tolerate material waste.

A high-quality applications portfolio requires solutions that perform well across a diverse range of media. Hundreds of graphics producers have taken advantage of the flexible capabilities of UVgel to achieve better productivity and quality. To embrace the growth opportunities in graphics and décor, you need technologies that are capable of meeting your needs and the expectations of your customers. Why compromise?

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