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In-house printing for sensitive organizations


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Keeping sensitive materials secure

For organizations that procure, manage and distribute sensitive materials, security is of the utmost importance. And this need for high-level security bleeds into how they maintain that information.

When it comes to printing, outdated and ill-equipped hardware has the potential to seriously damage a company’s reputation through information leaks or security breaches. This is particularly true for organizations that may be prone to targeted attacks, such as government departments, military agencies, and financial firms. And with 90% of companies rating printing as “critical” to their business operations, implementing the right security measures is paramount.

In an increasingly ubiquitous business world where partnerships can be formed and cultivated entirely online, security should be a company’s most pressing issue. By taking matters into their own hands and deploying a secure printing solution, businesses can not only protect their assets but also save time, generate greater cost savings and gain increased control.

So which solution is best: in-house or outsourced printing?

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In-house or commercial outsourced printing?

When it comes to either choosing an in-house printing solution or outsourcing your needs to a commercial printer, various aspects must be taken into account. Using a commercial, outsourced printing solution, for example, could be cost-effective for extremely large runs of specialized material – so long as the information being printed isn’t sensitive.

But Ayman Aly, Senior Regional Marketing Manager at Canon Middle East, believes an organization’s security must take precedence above all else. And this isn’t restricted to government or financial entities.

“When it comes to marketing communications and campaigns in particular, businesses need to ensure their information is secure from the competition, especially if their campaigns are based around creative business ideas. In-house printing can keep those campaigns secure,” Aly says.

“For other collateral, like annual reports and contracts that include confidential information, it’s important that they stay in-house. By outsourcing those printing tasks, it’s dangerous from a security point of view. By contrast, in-house printing plays a pivotal role in securing the organization’s confidential data.”

Beyond improved security, an in-house printing solution can deliver some companies up to 30% in cost savings over outsourced printing.

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The best solution

For organizations that deal with sensitive material, their information must be proofed by multiple stakeholders before being printed. Legal and finance departments must also be aware of the repercussions any leak of confidential client information would pose to the company. Outsourcing those tasks to a commercial third party leave any sensitive information open to leakage and potential breaches.

That’s why in most cases, an in-house printing solution is the best choice – not only for added security but for complete control over the print process and faster turnaround. This is important because the number of jobs requiring same-day turnarounds or less has increased by around 10% in recent years, while shorter turnarounds increase demand, impacting administration costs for outsourced projects.

Canon’s imagePRESS C850 series is a cost-effective solution that can boost an organization’s productivity while delivering high-quality, versatile printing options.

“All legal and confidential information has to be printed in-house,” Aly says. “Whether it’s customer proposals, contracts, financial reports or other sensitive information, you cannot risk outsourcing it to an outside party.

“In-house printing reduces that risk and keeps everything compliant within the legal requirements of the organization. That information cannot be exposed beyond the organization unless it is required.”

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