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Ayman Aly, Senior Regional Marketing Manager at Canon Middle East shares his insights on in-house



Modernizing your output with in-house printing

In-house printing is no longer a desirable office feature – it’s a must. And it is driving profits for a wide range of businesses that want to modernize their processes and deliver better products and services to their customers.

Ayman Aly, Senior Regional Marketing Manager at Canon Middle East, discusses how organizations can integrate in-house printing into their workplace and cut out the middleman.

Q: How easy is it to implement an in-house printing solution?

A: It depends on what a business needs. If printing requirements are small, for example a business that has general marketing communications or prints general kinds of publications, it is very simple. If the organization does not require to print huge volumes with a variety of needs, they can integrate digital printers with several finishing options.

In-house printing is important because sales and marketing teams generate 48% of a company’s print work, and 57% of print jobs are needed on the same day or faster. With in-house printing, they can produce flyers, booklets, even books with custom printing directly onto the paper – all while fully online. These digital printers can complete most of the applications the customer needs.

If the volume is big, however, or if their finishing needs are more complex or if they require specific kinds of die cutting, they will need a bigger machine. They may need to have some offline finishing options that can take higher volumes of paper. More complex printers can complete different kinds of professional finishing so the customer can produce professional-grade marketing materials.


Adding benefits and bolstering security

Q: What additional services can an organization provide with in-house printing?

A: In-house printing can expand the tools of any business that wants to enable their customers to produce creative marketing communications. By adding personalization and customization to these communications, it can lead to improved customer loyalty while attracting new audiences.

Multi-channel communications are necessary these days, so we need to entice customers over social media, SMS and various forms of text communications. Printing is one of the strongest channels for reaching an audience, and customers respond to it significantly. Being able to print high-quality reports, contracts and proposals can boost your brand and generate more revenue for the organization.

Q: How can in-house printing boost security?

A: When it comes to marketing communications and campaigns in particular, businesses need to ensure their information is secure from the competition, especially if their campaigns are based on creative business ideas. In-house printing can keep those campaigns secure.

For other collateral, like annual reports and contracts that include confidential information, it’s important that they stay in-house. By outsourcing those printing tasks, it’s dangerous from a security point of view. By contrast, in-house printing plays a pivotal role in securing the organization’s confidential data.

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Canon is enabling businesses through print hardware

Q: How is Canon helping businesses boost productivity and meet deadlines?

A: Our imagePRESS series includes a range of different appliances for different business needs, such as the C750 and imagePRESS C850. This product helped Canon become the number one in production color printing because of its significant high quality.

Customer feedback on this hardware has been amazing. Color quality across different kinds of media is very soft, which can be challenging for other printers. It can also be connected to various in-line finishing options.

In terms of cost, the investment is not high. In return, it delivers peak productivity, reliability and flexibility. Most organizations that are thinking about adding digital technology to their business find this a very good in-house printing solution because it is cost-effective – the running costs are very competitive.


Q: What would you say to businesses that are on the fence about integrating an in-house printing solution?

A: Around half (50%) of all print jobs today are handled in-house, and that figure is only rising. Most organizations – especially those that focus on customer communications and marketing services – can gain a competitive advantage by using in-house printing.

Whether it’s universities for their exam printing or book printing for students, or a financial organization printing bank statements for their customers, there is a need for a strategic, cost-effective printing set-up, and in-house printing can be that solution.

Best of all, Canon has built a reputation for first-class service and support. 92% of our customers are very satisfied with the quality of our engineer’s work when installing a solution, and 93% would recommend Canon’s services. You can be assured of a high-quality print product and service when partnering with Canon.

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