Efficiency and profitability with digital mailrooms

Canon’s IRISXtract delivers efficiency and cost savings



Win the war against paperwork with a digital mailroom

Efficiencies and digitization go hand-in-hand, yet many organizations are only making the most of digitization at a department level. In retaining the labor-intensive process associated with traditional mailrooms, efficiencies aren’t introduced until after external communications are received, sorted and distributed internally.

To really drive efficiencies, automation and accuracy need to start the very second correspondence is received. How can you do this safely and effectively? With a digital mailroom.

A digital mailroom acts just like a traditional mailroom – taking incoming correspondence and communications, then sorting and distributing them across the organization. The sorting process in traditional mailrooms, however, is slow, labor-intensive, ineffective, risky, error-prone and costly. These challenges are negated with a digital mailroom.


The benefits of a digital mailroom

If done correctly, organizations can enjoy not only automatic processing of all incoming documentation but also:
Business process automation, capturing and integrating communications into your backend systems before distributing them to the right department.
Cost savings, eliminating manual data entry and information validation.
End-to-end document management via business processes, customizable workflows, and swift document retrieval.
Information security, with document viewing protocol and audit trails.

Canon’s IRISXtract delivers all these benefits and more.

With IRISXtract, you’ll improve efficiency while reducing waste. Scanning and extracting key information from incoming correspondence, and connecting with your departments in real-time, eliminates manual post-distribution. This not only reduces administrative overheads but also accelerates document delivery while removing the potential for human error.

Agility is key to customer service ability. In removing manual and complex processing, IRISXtract enables organizations to:
● Integrate incoming documents faster, speeding up business processes.
● Improve responsiveness, delivering increased staff productivity and enhanced customer service.
● Shorten response cycles with automated mail classification and routing.
● Accelerate time to revenue via faster initiation, support or completion of transactions.
● Mitigate risk by managing document flow and traceability, as well as the ability to scale as the company grows.


Improve information sharing and security

All too often, departments work in silos. A digital mailroom can address this challenge by establishing data and document rules at an organizational level, with solutions customized to your needs.

Content management is structured and workflows consistent via recognition technology that identifies and files different document types into your backend system. With intelligence shared and via easy access to information, productivity is significantly improved.

Digital mailrooms offer a secure and compliant method of handling incoming mail of any format. Document viewing protocol can be configured, and audit trails add to information security. Using automated technology to process incoming mail means that every step can be controlled, monitored and reported in, enabling you to better meet regulatory compliance requirements by exercising the right levels of security, priority, management, and control.

If you’re still focused on implementing efficiencies at a departmental level, then you’re missing a critical opportunity to deliver increased profitability from the very first point of information receipt.

With a digital mailroom, you can replace the costly manual document fatigue that comes with a traditional mailroom. Drive efficiencies, automation, and accuracy, ensuring effective, economical and secure workflows from the very first point of contact.

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