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Equipping students and teachers to combat challenges

It’s no secret that education across the globe is facing a host of challenges. When we look around us, so much has been profoundly transformed by technology. But while society has moved forward, the education sector is struggling to keep up. It’s cautious and reluctant to reinvent traditionally accepted processes and approaches to learning.

Yet at the same time, the changing landscape of productivity and the evolving responsibilities of job roles highlights how critical it is that education is constantly responsive to changing market and lifestyle demands.

Canon’s ‘Education for Life’ campaign is designed specifically to bring technology-enabled education into focus, giving schools the agility to address these key challenges.


Reaching new heights

With increasing pressure from regulatory authorities and paying customers, as well as the need to deliver students an education that’s relevant to them and their needs today, Canon offers a range of technology-driven learning solutions. The goal? To use tools such as augmented reality and interactive projects to create a more productive, efficient and engaging classroom.

“The ever-evolving education sector in the region faces a host of challenges such as competition, funding, and regulatory oversight,” says Venkatasubramanian Hariharan, Business Unit Director, B2C, Canon Middle East. “The vision of transforming the quality of education delivered in the region is led by governments’ initiatives to improve, diversify and stimulate education innovation. This transformation is causing a shift from traditional methods of learning to technology-enabled, multimedia, high-quality learning experiences, and this is where Canon shines,”

Today’s students need more. In everyday life, they’re bombarded by technology. They’re met with challenges at every turn. And they’re always busy, working and thinking faster than ever before. To ensure optimum engagement in a learning scenario, it's critical to ensure that the same technology is extended to the classroom.

Our attention spans are prolonged by using fun and interactive games that utilize immersive projection. 3D learning experiences unleash both creativity and analytical thinking. And augmented reality brings learning experiences to life.


Student advancement

A fundamental challenge is preparing today’s students for a future that’s undeniably a “multiple” future. There will be the need to constantly upskill to remain relevant and manage the ongoing career evolutions that are foreseen.

In this sense, what will the role of schools and education be in a world that may be without “traditional” careers as we know them? It’s clear that old pedagogies, instruction, and assessment models are no longer working effectively. Both teachers and learners need more flexibility and autonomy to change and adapt as circumstances and needs require.

This is the goal of Canon’s Education for Life program. We’re amplifying learning outcomes and providing teachers with tools to shape their students’ development, learning, and prospects – because knowledge may not be enough. Tomorrow’s workers will need to know how to be curious, independent, creative, willing to take risks, learn from failure and, most importantly, learn for life.

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