Canon develops smart grading solution for Dubai school group

Streamlining time-intensive admin, grading and analysis


Needing to drive efficiencies without compromising quality, Canon developed an intelligent grading solution for teachers at a Dubai school.

The client and challenge

Via the Canon Education for Life Program, we partnered with Dubai School to develop an intelligent grading and digital archiving solution to:

  • Enhance the teacher journey.
  • Provide an error-free grading system.
  • Facilitate student and parent access for exam result viewing.
With budgets fixed, we needed to develop innovative tools that addressed a number of pain points:
  • Inconsistent approaches and grading templates.
  • A legacy grading process that’s resource-intensive and highly prone to error.
  • Inability to derive insightful data analysis of student and school performance.
  • The cost of maintaining an inventory of pre-printed test forms.
Combined with the resource intensity of preparing exams and grading students, as well as undertaking high-end analysis and reporting, expenditure was significant.

dubai school solution

The solution

Leveraging Canon’s Smart Data Capturing Solution, we developed a simple cloud-based testing and grading application (Intelligent Grading Solution), which provides teachers with a range of on-demand options via the multifunction device, reducing administrative time and providing greater insight into class performance.

A template of an exam grading and answers sheet is generated according to the subject, grade and curriculum requirements. Teachers print exams on plain paper as and when required.

On completion, the system uses an optical mark recognition (OMR) function to grade the exam sheets against the pre-scanned grading and answers sheet. Teachers only need double-check the result and amend where required.

Analysis at both class and grade level is available via various reporting options. The content management software enables simple updating of student and class information, with student results automatically archived in a personal digital archive system.

Security is critical, with access set at a user or group level, and logins and authentication required. And because the system is cloud-based, the school doesn’t need to handle installation, implementation or ongoing maintenance.

dubai school results

The results and benefits

  • More face-to-face student time: With reduced administration, teachers are supported to deliver a quality education.
  • Pre-printing is eliminated by creating exams on demand: Teachers can print what they need, what they need it.
  • Improved student achievement: Teachers can make decisions based on analytics, developing lesson plans designed to close learning gaps.
  • Elimination of physical storage: All results are stored in the cloud via a digital archive system.
  • Flexibility with system integration: The solution integrates with the school’s educational reporting system.
  • Ability to enhance the upcoming syllabus: All details are consolidated in the central database, with analysis assisting with upcoming curriculum development.
Canon’s solution, delivering a comprehensive database on which to build the upcoming curriculum, enables teachers to be agile and fleet-footed. For the first time, they have the efficiencies and tools that enable them to be responsive to specific student needs, addressing gaps in knowledge before they become an issue to learning.

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