Efficiency and profitability with smart document management

Smart management of your business-critical documents


creating efficiencies for profitability

Creating efficiencies that maximize profitability

By their very nature, business-critical documents are just that – critical. They hold information vital to your organization, such as invoices, contracts, briefs, and processes. Many organizations have gone through a digital transformation, centralizing and streamlining the management of documents to ensure maximum efficiency across departments, ultimately improving business performance.

centralizing documents for profitability

Centralizing documents for profitability

The larger the organization, the more challenging it is to remain a single culture working towards a single goal. Thankfully, digital centralization alleviates common challenges.

  1. Allows for in-depth analysis
    Regardless of your industry, having all your business-critical documents digitally managed can provide you and your teams with exceptional insight into your organization. Once you’ve standardized the way in which your teams work, it’s much easier to identify trends, extract analytics and reconcile data, allowing gaps to be better identified and rectified.
  2. Saves time
    Some industries traditionally rely on manual labor – education is one such industry, with teachers having to manually mark exams. Centralizing allows for automation in some processes, removing cumbersome tasks and enabling teachers to focus on their core responsibilities.
  3. Cost efficiencies
    Printing and archiving can become a costly process in terms of both time and money. For printing, your business can reduce overall print costs by digitally centralizing, allowing for print on demand. And for archiving, doing so in the cloud rather than physically makes document retrieval instant and simple – and at a much lower cost.
  4. Improvement of company culture
    Digital streamlining breaks down the traditional silo mentality often found between departments. No longer is data ‘theirs’ or ‘ours’. The culture is one of the ‘company’ – unified and not segmented by departments. Data is transparent, supporting fast and accurate sharing and reporting, while procedures are consistent across the organization.

centralization in practice

Centralization in practice: Solution Spotlight

Canon developed a document-management system for Volkswagen Financial Services, which develops individual finance plans adapted to each customer’s needs, and also manages and maintains comprehensive mobility services. 

Volkswagen Financial Services needed a system to speed up their invoice processing. Crafting a solution around their needs, Canon proposed the Therefore solution combined with a module for capture and automatic recognition of invoices. 

The solution not only integrates with SAP, the company’s international accounting solution but also reduces errors and reduces the use of paper. 

Vitally, this document solution provides Volkswagen Financial Services with complete control over every single document, includes automatic controls to prevent errors, and boosts savings and sustainability through reduced space for physical archives. 

Centralizing and streamlining all documents not only protects you but also creates efficiencies that free up resources and increase productivity, maximizing your business profitability.

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