Set your business apart with custom interior décor print

Elevate your business with creative interior décor print



Custom printing is the future of design technology

Dubai is undeniably a forward-thinking city in terms of building innovation. This generates high expectations from clients. And while this pushes the interior design community to continually evolve and push boundaries, it also creates increased competition. How can you set yourself apart in such a competitive environment?

The answer lies in custom printing. At the forefront of design technology, interior design print solutions enable creatives to elevate their business. These new technologies are revolutionizing the industry, delivering clients with more adaptable, personable and dynamic solutions than ever before.


Customize interior spaces from top to bottom

Creative printing is the ability to use print solutions to create an entirely bespoke interior design experience. The opportunities for bringing concepts to life are endless, from customized wallpaper and ceiling printing through to display graphics and more.

No matter how complex, these tools give you the freedom and flexibility to deliver work that’s tailored to your client’s needs. Simple integration with a range of workflow, software and finishing devices lets you create complete client solutions.

Creative printing has exploded in the retail sector. The design is used to create a complete consumer experience. After all, retail is far more than selling a product – it’s selling a dream, an ideal. And with visual cues reinforcing that dream at all angles, how can we resist?

The same can be said for wallpaper. Gone are the days when wallpaper was seen as an insipid mimic of florals, brick or concrete. Wide-format custom print solutions let you transform a flat reproduction into wallpaper design with distinct depth.

If your client wants floral, add a pop art influence, or create bespoke bold and vivid Victorian floral concepts. From tattoos and sailor stripes to plants and hearts, create wall coverings that press the reset button on bland with wallpaper that leaps out of vertical frames with vibrancy and texture to add life to any interior.


Why use creative print in your design business?

At Canon, we recognize that design is in the detail. We see your precision and your creative vision, which is why our print solutions are designed to offer creative freedom alongside the flexibility to scale your business.

Beyond designing the space, furnishings, and accessories, there is an opportunity for you to bring the small details in-house. Take hospitality, for example. You can use any manner of visuals to control the brand story by creating a completely immersive experience for consumers. Whatever your creative vision, by extending your print capabilities you’re extending their business and yours.

Dubai is a world leader in design, which means the expectation for interior designers is continually increasing. At the same time, competition is fiercer than ever. Extending your print capabilities sets you apart, enabling you to grow your décor product portfolio to differentiate your business.

With the right print technologies, you also benefit from:

  • Short, cost-efficient production runs.
  • Quicker turnaround times.
  • Risk mitigation.
  • Product diversification, expanding your target markets.
  • Generation of higher-value work, leading to margin improvement.

Whether you’re looking to grow your business or take the first step, Canon will find the right solution for each application. 

Differentiate yourself, explore new revenue streams and maximize your profits by generating higher-value work – all by providing high-value décor applications that meet evolving, and ever-increasing, consumer demands.

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