Case Study

Canon develops smart grading solution for Dubai school group

Streamlining time-intensive admin, grading and analysis


infographic school solution

Let’s take a closer look at Canon’s solution

We developed a simple cloud-based testing and grading application (Intelligent Grading Solution), which provides teachers with a range of on-demand options via the multifunction device. A template of an exam grading and answers sheet is generated according to the subject, grade and curriculum requirements. Teachers print exams on plain paper as and when required.

On completion, the system uses an optical mark recognition (OMR) function to grade the exam sheets against the pre-scanned grading and answers sheet. Teachers only need double-check the result and amend where required. Analysis at both class and grade level is available via various reporting options. The content management software enables simple updating of student and class information, with student results automatically archived in a personal digital archive system.

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