How MSPs can drive strategic investment in security

How a secure MSP can keep you focused on business needs.


How MSPs can drive strategic investment in security

What are MSPs

Technology changes at a lightning pace. Faster computing, cheaper storage and blazing internet speeds have enabled businesses to achieve great gains in productivity and collaboration. But keeping up with this evolving digital landscape can be time-consuming and challenging.

Managed service providers (MSPs) offer a viable alternative. By letting them shoulder some of your critical IT responsibilities, your business can reduce and manage costs, enhance its competitiveness, and achieve scalability as its technology needs evolve.

Many people equate managed services with the cloud, and it’s certainly an important component of MSP. But an experienced and reliable MSP can offer a wide range of benefits in addition to cloud based storage and computing – from better data security to improved vendor management. Here are three ways managed services can lend an edge to businesses of all sizes.

To keep on top of things, every business needs to be able to manage its documents effectively. Before the advent of cloud-based storage, this often meant investing in complex storage systems that had to be regularly synchronised between head office and remote branches.

What are MSPs

SaaS document management

Software as a service (SaaS) offers a compelling alternative. By shifting document storage and processing functions into the cloud, it’s easier than ever to access and process information from anywhere, at any time. It is also more secure, thanks to a raft of security features that help to prevent unauthorised access and intrusion.

Canon’s document management tools embrace this multi-pronged approach to document security. All documents are stored in a central data repository that helps you stay compliant while keeping data safe. Advanced access controls, permission rights and anti-tamper measures keep documents protected regardless of where or how they are accessed.

In addition, if the worst-case scenario of fire, flood or other disaster strikes, redundant systems and backups ensure your business can recover quickly with its documents intact. Gartner has estimated that the average cost of business downtime is $5,600 per minute. This makes choosing an MSP for your document management a smart investment in the future security of the business.

We are now in the age of the customer, when just one negative customer review can deal a devastating blow to a company’s reputation. Using a MSP to manage both your customer processes and communication channels allows a customer-centric experience that is secure and compliant, brand consistent and cost-effective.

Canon’s CCM Online platform takes care of the full end-to-end process of two-way communication with your business customers. Every interaction is personalised and targeted for maximum results, including bills, bank statements, invoices, direct mail and more.

SaaS document management

Cloud based customer communications management (CCM)

The platform is built on a robust infrastructure that complies with all relevant security standards and policies, up to and including compliance with ISO27001, PCI and European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means you can rest assured that every customer communication reaches the right person at the right time, with the right content.

The purchase to pay (P2P) process for most businesses is complex and document-intensive, with its day to day handling of vendors, invoices, expense accounts and more. This makes it a natural candidate for outsourcing to an automated, cloud-based MSP.

As well saving the business significant capital expenditure on financial software, it makes vendor management that much easier. Traditionally, it would have meant juggling a host of different procurement tools from different vendors. With an MSP, there is a single point of contact for all tools, streamlining operations and removing the need to have an on-site technical expert who handles any issues that come up.

Like its other MSP offerings, Canon’s cloud procurement service provides the same levels of enhanced security and compliance with data handling regulations. This ensures the financial records of your business and its suppliers remain safe throughout their lifecycle.

No IT service or system, cloud based or otherwise, is 100% safe from cyber-attacks or other forms of compromise. The advanced security features and data protections offered by a managed service provider can significantly reduce this risk, while ensuring your business has access to the advanced IT services it needs to stay efficient and competitive.

Use technology to improve customer experience, with a management platform in the cloud

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