How secure are Canon’s solutions?

A secure print environment secures your business.


How secure are Canon’s solutions?

Security shouldn’t suffer

The security risk posed by network-connected printing infrastructure is a genuine concern for businesses. A new report from Quocirca  found that 59% of businesses surveyed suffered a print-related data loss in the past year. Moreover, 66% ranked print in their top five security risks to the organisation, second only to cloud services at 69%, according to the 2019 Global Print Security Landscape.

So, it’s not surprising that a heightened awareness of information security threats to the office has led to increased concerns from business owners over the safety of computer printers and other office equipment. But it’s also remains true that not every device offers the same level of protection for your networks or office data.

Multi-function printers (MFPs) have an elevated risk profile because they are full-fledged networked computers, yet often handle high volumes of important and sensitive data on a daily basis. That makes them vulnerable to standard malware attacks, as well as attacks embedded in printer languages like Postscript, PCL and PJL. So how can you ensure your printing and scanning solutions are safe?


Why industry standards matter

A significant risk factor of office equipment is manufacturers not complying fully with the latest industry standards. By providing consistent technical guidelines for device security and control, standards help information security professionals both spot and eliminate security threats.

IP Security (IPSec) one of the most important standards in network security. It uses authentication and encryption to protect the data that flows through a network from eavesdropping, tampering or other interference. Another critical standard is IEEE 802.1X, which blocks access to devices from unauthorised users.

There is also IEEE 2600TM-2008/ISO15408, which sets appropriate security levels depending on the operating environment, plus allows monitoring of network traffic on a device. These standards form the foundation of secure, cost-effective office systems that can incorporate a multitude of device vendors and software solutions.


Canon takes the lead

A ‘security by design’ ethos is Canon’s approach in developing its products and services. It involves two stages: measuring the likely IT security impact of the product or service on the customers’ environment, and incorporating security and measures to enable protection to the desired level.

This ensures that we don’t just conform to industry standards, but set the baseline for industry best practices in terms of evaluating criteria for IT security. Our strategy for mitigating risks from malware and other security threats includes:


Optimising device configuration:

Incorrectly or inconsistently configured devices in a printer fleet offer numerous opportunities for unauthorised users to infiltrate your networks, or steal sensitive data. Canon’s imageWARE toolset allows you to discover, configure and monitor all your devices from a single web console. Its Secure Audit Manager (iW SAM) keeps every employee honest by making leaks highly traceable.


Centralised software/firmware updates:

Applying the latest security patches to operating systems, applications and devices in a timely manner is critical. Canon eMaintenance software allows automatic updates to the firmware on imageRUNNER multifunction printers. Each update is encrypted and digitally signed to avoid tampering, with centralised access control and monitoring in place to ensure system availability and integrity.


Device access restriction:

Canon’s office MFPs, network printers and scanners adopt strict controls over administrative and user access privileges. This ensures you don’t have to worry about your business documents falling into the wrong hands, or unauthorised access to devices or their operating systems.

Many industries, such as medicine, law and finance, require both high mobility for staff and extremely high information security. A device like the Canon imageRUNNER C3025i ensures your documents always remain safe, regardless of whether your staff are in the office or out in the field. It integrates a comprehensive range of standards-compliant authentication, network and document security features, so your users can work securely and efficiently, anytime anywhere.

Document security and integrity throughout the whole document lifecycle is critical – and a key feature of Canon’s uniFLOW workflow software. Incorporating powerful user authentication, secure document digitisation, and secure mobile printing, it also integrates with your existing devices – including non-Canon equipment – so you can get the most from your IT investments.

All organisations are different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to information security. Keeping your print environment secure – with the help of Canon’s office products and solutions – will assist in keeping your business information safe, and give your customers and partners confidence in doing business with you.

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