Can machine learning improve security practices?

How to optimize business security with the right AI technology


Can machine learning improve security practices?

Do you use AI to keep employee information and business documents safe?

With the Middle East investing significantly in social media, the Internet of Things (IoT), smart mobile, gamification, and machine learning, it’s no surprise that a recent report commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by EY confirmed that 94% of our C-suite leaders consider an Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy as an important topic.

Combined with 18% of UAE businesses considering AI their top digital priority, it’s critical that organizations of all shapes and sizes look at how machine learning can optimize their digital security. With the UAE expected to increase investment dramatically over the next three years, now is the time to actively start or build on discussions about machine learning.

Why? A growing number of executives are looking to AI to deliver greater operational efficiencies, drive down costs and increase their competitiveness.

Critically, even more are recognising the value it adds to their digital security.

Do you use AI to keep employee information and business documents safe?

AI… widely considered the powerhouse yet to unleash its potential

Critical document governance has been central to Canon’s adoption of AI. Organizations are competing at lightning fast speeds, and so creating and sending of critical documents – whether internally or externally – needs to be swift, efficient and accurate.

Inaccuracies can have a negative impact commercially and legally, not to mention significantly damaging your reputation.

Our employment of AI in Canon solutions is specifically designed to deliver reliability and performance while cutting costs. In using machine learning to govern critical document management, we deliver organizations with greater control. Quality and accuracy is increased by ensuring documents are sent to the right place at the right time, while expenses are reduced.


  • Document delivery checking – in-built processing checks each step to ensure the process successfully completes
  • Error corrections – workflows are initiated to rectify incorrect data when errors are identified
  • Proof of delivery – the system sends proof of delivery after sending, updating the system
  • Archiving – all documents are automatically archived, according to set rules, for simple auditing and compliance.

AI… widely considered the powerhouse yet to unleash its potential

Are you using artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize your digital security?

Let’s take the average Human Resources department, for example. Every organization has a responsibility for ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data and information stored on its systems. At the same time, users interacting with that data have a responsibility to ensure the security of those assets. But what if human error occurs? Or worse, what if the organization is subject to an external cyber attack?

Systems and processes need to be optimized with digital solutions that mitigate those risks. Instead of laborious processes to manage employee data, exposing companies to internal error or intentional security breaches, machine learning has been built into Canon products to move beyond solely converting paper files to digital. Our HR digitization solutions strengthen security by replacing touchpoints where decision-making was required with smart automation. By limiting human interaction, the risk of information breach is significantly reduced. At the same time, secure print capabilities reduce the chances of document theft.

Canon’s Scan2x Solution is another example of cutting-edge technology that uses machine learning to deliver increased accuracy and security. For example, if an invoice is scanned, Scan2x will immediately: (a) know that it needs to go to the Accounts Department; and (b) forward for payment to be scheduled. Errors are reduced, and the workflow is secure. There is no risk of a secure document being sent to the incorrect recipient.

Without a doubt, the UAE is at the fore of using technology to enhance digital security. And while the Microsoft report identified that companies within the emirates view prediction (76%) and automation (76%) as the most relevant applications of AI for their businesses, it’s undeniable that security will ultimately be a driving factor to support greater operational efficiencies and increased competitiveness.

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