Increase productivity and efficiency with tech solutions

Introduce technology for a more productive workforce


Increase productivity and efficiency with tech solutions

Productivity has the ability to improve

Every business is concerned about its bottom line. If cutting costs long-term is a top priority, there are two routes to reaching the goal, and they go hand-in-hand. The first is to create more productive employees which can be done by adding the second component: technology that frees them from time-consuming tasks. In turn, they can then focus on projects that bring profits.

Businesses across the world have already updated their infrastructures and introduced such technology, thus increasing productivity, and the Middle East is no exception.

Data from the International Labour Organization showed that from 2010-17, global productivity grew by 10%. In the Middle East, the UAE is exceeding this rate. Economists from PwC Middle East note that as the MENA region continues to invest in advanced technology, the result will be a less dense, more productive workforce.

Productivity has the ability to improve

Intelligent software increases employee productivity

Canon’s information management software, Therefore, transforms a company’s productivity by giving employees an easy way to manage and share business documents. Therefore captures paper and digital documents quickly, cutting down admin time. The software gives employees real-time web-based access, so whether they are in the office or on-the-go, information is always available.

Employee output is often hampered by the need to search multiple platforms to find files and documents and then further hindered by locating the most recent version of the file. Therefore supports productivity through smart version control, so employees are always working on the latest version of a document without thinking about it.

IT teams spend countless hours focused on security but Therefore reduces this burden by offering advanced access control, permission rights, and anti-tamper measure. With document information automatically protected, teams are free to spend their time on more productive tasks.

Intelligent software increases employee productivity

Increase productivity with efficient printing processes

For many businesses, printing documents is still necessary. This represents a unique opportunity to eliminate inefficient processes related to document output. Employees spend countless hours trying to navigate complicated printer systems in an effort to comply with company security measures, and old devices spread across multiple offices are costly and wasteful.

These issues can be mitigated by using efficient document output processes. With Canon’s range of advanced printers, companies of all sizes can have a sustainable solution. With a click, employees can send a job that’s automatically processed, then authenticated and tracked before being printed securely from the proper device.

By having a fully networked printing system, businesses can increase productivity by cutting downtime. Businesses will save money by reducing maintenance costs through remote monitoring. Decision-makers can regain control by reviewing reports and making data-backed decisions about printing strategies.

Increase productivity with efficient printing processes

Advanced security offers protection and productivity

Introducing new technology such as document management software and networked printers is a must for improving company productivity, but it also comes with security risks. If sensitive data is hacked by bad actors it can spell disaster for a business and its reputation. That’s why all of Canon solutions come with the highest level of security already built-in.

For additional layers of security, Canon’s Office Security solutions offers a wide range of measures to ensure protection. It can prevent malware attacks, data breaches, data leaks, and data loss. Files can be encrypted, and printed documents can include QR and barcodes for tracking purposes. Companies will be able to use the solution to strengthen compliance and reduce system vulnerabilities.

For a company that values productivity, tech solutions are a must. However, as beneficial as they can be, the solutions must be balanced with security requirements. Business leaders should invest in trustworthy technology that brings their companies the best of both worlds.

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