Advancements in the digital customer journey

How effective information management is driving business forward



How document digitization is transforming modern business

The digital customer journey continues to pivot and advance at an alarming rate. Everyone from product developers through to marketing agencies use customer data to develop solutions to evolving consumer problems.

But it’s not as simple as it seems.

While digital engagement with customers is crucial to ensure you’re effectively communicating your message and selling your products, it’s not the only benefit offered by digitization. Many businesses focus purely on understanding how their customers interact with their brand. But with document digitization, the ready availability of data also impacts on the success of the business. It goes beyond understanding the trends – it’s about developing products and services that are relevant and fit for purpose, increasing profit margins via automation, introducing efficiencies by freeing up resources to focus on revenue-generating activities, and even future-proofing data and IP.

Business is moving at an incredible speed. Your customers want answers yesterday, and your competitors are nimble and agile. You need to be faster, recognising threats and opportunities early and pivoting quickly to gain the advantage.

Effectively managing your digital information helps you do just that.

How document digitization is transforming modern business

The trends in digital information and document management – can they benefit your business?

We’re suffering from information overload – not only do we have more documents than ever before, but also more data than ever before. If not managed correctly, that data can stifle a business.

Implementing a paperless environment can remove the overwhelm, improving productivity while also giving you increased visibility over your business and your customers. By converting paper documents to digital, using imaging technologies to recognise those documents and automate their processing via a predefined workflow, critical business data is efficiently captured using minimal resources.

After storing that information in the cloud, users can then access, edit, send and share it as required – all within the predetermined security parameters. Canon products, including the imageFORMULA document scanner as well as multifunction devices such as the imageRUNNER ADVANCE and i-SENSYS, provide mobile connectivity, cloud scanning, and printing.

But it’s what you do with that information after it’s digitised that’s important.

How document digitization is transforming modern business

The advantages of effective information management

Just as with finances, having the right information ensures decisions are well-informed. Whether it’s about product development, process changes or consumer trends, managing your data effectively provides top-level transparency.

With the right information management software, your data becomes a strategic asset. No longer are you looking externally for answers – your business decisions are informed by complete transparency over real-time, accurate, and secure data. Canon’s Therefore is one such solution, giving you:

  • Better visibility over your business, with advanced search options and reporting enabling insight-driven decisions
  • Easy information accessibility – from anywhere, and at any time
  • Faster information retrieval
  • Business process automation via workflows for compliance and best practice
  • Security over your IP, and
  • Simple monitoring of performance indicators, enabling you to proactively pivot as required.

Your business information is one of your most critical assets. It needs to be managed effectively, securely, and efficiently. It needs to move with you. And the management of that information needs to scale as you do.

So if you’re looking for an information management solution, ensure it provides:

  • Quick and easy online access to information
  • Real time data access
  • Fast data capture
  • Automated processes
  • Easy integration with third party platforms, and
  • Flexibility across multiple industries.

Most importantly, ensure your data is securely backed up and safe from external threats. If you’re thinking digital data management, think Canon.

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