Cybersecurity hacks in business

How innovation in tech is affecting security in business


Cybersecurity hacks in business

Innovation in cybersecurity is changing – what does this mean for business in the Middle East?

It's predicted that companies in the Middle East will spend USD $20 billion by 2022 on cybersecurity. With Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates experiencing some of the world’s biggest cyber-attacks in 2019.

Through increased digitalization, the information hackers have access to is changing. Cyber attackers deliberately penetrate cloud security, wireless security, network security, and application security.

The most common attacks being:

  • Malware (software designed to damage or gain unauthorized access to systems)
  • Phishing (fraudulent emails and websites that gather personal information)
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks (the intercepting and altering of information)
  • Distributed denial-of-service attacks (an attack that stops the server from fulfilling legitimate requests, causing a denial of service for users and making the business vulnerable to extortion)
  • SQL injection (malicious code injected into the server that uses SQL to reveal sensitive information), and
  • Zero-day exploit (a cyber attack implemented before fixes are made to software vulnerabilities).

It’s the diversity of these attacks that demand for security products more than ever. And with Middle Eastern businesses at the fore of IoT, artificial intelligence, cloud services, 5g networks, blockchain apps and more, data security is now crucial.

If done correctly, it can offer far more benefits than protecting critical data – it can reduce capital expenditure, increase productivity, and provide business agility.

Why is online Education The way of the feature?

New technologies at risk – and how to best arm your business

With so many new technologies, are we better to avoid using it in our businesses?

The answer is not to shy away from them, but to understand how to best arm oneself against attacks. Hacking and cyber-attacks have existed since the early days of the internet, they’ve just become more sophisticated over time.

They’ve also evolved to criminal acts on a large and collaborative scale. With potential entry points across the business, security is only as strong as the weakest link.

Customers and clients need to be able to trust that businesses they work with use the best equipment. As a business, you need products and services you can trust. A thought leader in security information, Canon offers three document management solutions that have security at their core.

New technologies at risk – and how to best arm your business

Three cutting-edge cyber security options


A document management system designed to improve business workflows, enabling the transition from paper-based processing to digital and creating a faster environment.

With data capture and processing, it features advanced security features to prevent unauthorized access, ensure the information is always secure, and back up all data securely to ensure it remains fully auditable. From electronic signatures embedded to ensure authenticity and systems permissions through to audit trails and reporting. Therefore™ facilitates safe office efficiencies, introducing innovation via documents moving to primary and backup storage, eliminating document storage in the database.


An integrated print, scan and device management solution designed as a single platform, combining and simplifying security issues around document management.

Organizations enjoy secure network connection, a range of device access control options, print job security, and a variety of secure print mobility options. Scanning is also secure, and live auditing of document activity initiates alerts to the administrator for immediate restriction.

Avantech SCAN2x

Cutting-edge technology that streamlines scanning and document management into a single process, connecting internal departments. For example, if an invoice is scanned, Scan2x will immediately know that this needs to be forwarded straight to your Accounts Department for payment to be scheduled.

It provides complete operational transparency, with PIN numbers for each user, optional swipe cards, or a fingerprint reader for a responsible and secure paper trail.

Are you using intelligent, new generation technology in your business?

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