When 'good enough' won't do

Lower your costs with UVgel printing technology from Canon

Cost control can be a real worry.

Canon UVgel technology combines outstanding quality on less expensive media with new levels of ink efficiency to give you total confidence in your bottom line.

  • Canon UVgel delivers a leap forward in roll-to-roll productivity, so you can deliver more finished jobs without increasing staff costs.
  • Minimal ink wastage substantially reduces ink consumption.
  • No heat is needed to cure UVgel ink or dry the media, broadening your choice of lower cost substrates.
  • The heavy duty UVgel printhead is specifically designed for sustainable, high-volume production.
  • The patented quality control system compensates nozzle failure on the fly, reducing waste and maximising your saleable prints.
  • UVgel prints are highly resistant to environmental stresses, minimising the need to laminate for all but the most demanding outdoor applications.

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