Business Process Solution Design

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Meet information management challenges head-on

Translate your information management needs into a practical, ready-to implement solution with the help of Canon’s Solution Design Services.

Working with you and your team, our expert Solution Design Consultants will identify and analyse your needs, discuss improvements and direction, and initiate proof of concept. The outcomes of this analysis form a solution design tailored to your business and based on best-in-class components, implemented either on-premise or as a managed service.

What we offer

Discovery services

Identify process and infrastructure improvements by comparing your current situation against today’s digital transformation trends.

Workshop services

Gain mutual understanding of process analysis, concepts and solution direction from workshops with Canon experts.

Proof of concept

Instantly see the benefit of a solution design from proof of concept. Once a solution has been agreed, we can confirm the value added to your business.

Solution design

Translate the agreed solution concept through functional specification, using state-of-the-art methodologies to describe the solution design details.

Project management

Prepare solution implementation and manage design with detailed timing, resources, deliverables, and quality in a Project Initiation Document.


Skilled consultants

Benefit from expert insight and out-of-the-box thinking to find the right answers.

Leading methodologies

Design translated into understandable formats for the people and teams picking up implementation.

Supplier choice

Canon solution design is supplier independent, so you can choose its final implementation.

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Work with our consultants to create the right solution design for you.

Learn how Canon Business Process Solution Design Services can add more value to your business.