Are your digital campaigns safe?

How to protect your data while driving sales


Are your digital campaigns safe?

The dangers of data breaches

Data breaches can be costly. Countries in the Middle East spend about $1.43 million on post-data breach response. When it comes to digital campaigns, companies can avoid having to spend resources on a data breach response by putting a strategy in place to prevent them in the first place.

Today, customers expect personalised and relevant communications that appeal to their interests and needs. Digital campaigns make that possible and allow you to effectively communicate with people across various online channels. They can be customized to achieve any of a company’s goals, whether that’s to gain more exposure, increase reach or continue satisfying current customers.

With the right digital campaign solution, like Quadient Inspire, a brand can send a single message to thousands of potential customers in seconds. Using just one platform, your company has the ability to optimise communication across every channel, including web, mobile, social media and email.

Companies around the world are using this strategy to promote their products and services. However, digital campaigns can come with a risk. It’s important to protect your company’s data and your customers’ data while simultaneously driving sales.

Ponemon: Cost of Data Breach Study, 2017

The dangers of data breaches

Top data breach risks

One of the biggest vulnerabilities is social media. Hackers can turn your social media presence from good to bad. They may send negative messages to followers, post inappropriate content, link to dangerous websites containing malware and more. By creating strong passwords and putting a social media monitoring tool in place to catch suspicious activity, you’ll be one step ahead.

Another vulnerability is your email marketing program. Hackers can get into your email software and send your customers links to malware or viruses. If this happens to you, customers may lose trust in your brand forever.

Finally, another big risk is your employees. A Canon case study shows that one in every three data leaks originates from within the organization. Employees may be unaware of security best practices for digital campaigns. Create an established policy that educates them and ensure that everyone is trained on the policy to prevent future breaches.

Top data breach risks

How to mitigate risk

A robust security policy is vital for any company running digital campaigns and handling large amounts of customer data. Many companies choose to enlist experienced vendors to help mitigate data security risks. When seeking out new digital marketing vendors, we recommend asking them about their security protocol and how they’ll help keep your company and customers safe. For example, Canon’s campaign management tools allow you to monitor cross-media campaigns. The tools include enhanced security features to help prevent cyber threats and protect your business information. You can deliver personalised, relevant messages and learn customers’ preferences and buying habits without putting your company at risk.

You should also be protecting the devices your employees use at work to create and distribute digital campaigns. Canon protects data on all devices by strengthening their security before use, securing data while they’re being used and removing or destroying data if someone removes the device from the office.

As digital campaigns become more of a marketing must-have, your company needs to ensure that you have the right tools in place to run these campaigns but also keep your data safe. Adopting some of these strategies will help you retain your customers’ trust and avoid having to pay the consequences of a costly data breach in the future.

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