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Canon Directional Stereo Microphone DM-E1D

Bring your audio into the digital age with crisp, clear sound from a microphone that makes use of Canon’s Multi-function shoe, delivering reliable performance and simple operation.

  • High quality digital audio

    Using digital signal processing for a cleaner, crisper audio signal helps deliver a richer experience – with a soundscape that puts the audience at the heart of the performance.

  • Cableless connection

    Sliding and locking easily onto the Multi-function shoe of compatible cameras, the Directional stereo microphone DM-E1D is entirely cableless for a reliable and secure connection, with low noise.

  • Power direct from the camera

    Attach Directional stereo microphone DM-E1D with confidence and never worry about how much power is left in the microphone’s battery – as it is powered directly from the camera.

  • Directional for precise control

    Three modes of directional pick-up give you the flexibility to capture audio on your terms. Switch between shotgun (monaural), 90° or 120° stereo for different sized spaces.

  • Easy operation from the camera menu

    Press the MENU button on the microphone to bring up the microphone settings menu on the camera’s LCD, allowing for fast, simple operation and control.


  • Digital audio

    Cleaner, clearer audio output

  • Direct connection

    No cables needed

  • No batteries

    Powered directly by the camera

  • Directional

    Shotgun (mono), 90° or 120° for different shooting scene needs

  • Microphone MENU button

    Opens the microphone settings screen on the camera’s LCD for easy control

Canon Directional Stereo Microphone DM-E1D
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Directional stereo microphone DM-E1D

What’s in the box

  • Directional stereo microphone DM-E1D

  • Windshield for Directional stereo microphone DM-E1D

  • Shoe cover

  • Instruction Manual

  • Warranty Card

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