Best Surveillance Cameras in 2023

Home security cameras give you peace of mind by keeping an eye on your house day and night, inside and out, and alerting you if an intruder is present. Night vision and motion-activated recording are enhanced features available with some surveillance cameras, and some even have built-in speakers so you may talk to anyone you see or sound an alarm.

Best PTZ Cameras in 2023

The best PTZ cameras in 2023 include those manufactured by Canon for ultimate watch, day and night! CR-N700, CR-X300, and CR-X500 made the list of the best PTZ cameras in 2023!

  1. CR-N700
    CR-N700 is a superb professional PTZ camera in 4K60P with 12G-SDI connectivity, class-leading auto focus, and clever head detection and eye tracking. With the CR-N700, use the strength of a DIGIC DV7 processor and 1.0-type 4K sensor. Its 15x optical zoom (30x in Full HD) captures productions in stunning detail, especially in Night Mode. Broadcast video in 4K60P and HDR resolution can be streamed via a variety of IP protocols.

    Why Choose the CR-N700?
    CR-N700 has specifications like no other!

    With this best surveillance camera, the following specifications are provided making it your ultimate choice:
    • Excellent broadcast-level imagery captured in up to 4K UHD 60P, 4:2:2 10-bit
    • A stabilized image Up to 30x Advanced zoom in Full HD or 15x Optical zoom in 4K
    • Autofocus that is fluid, quick, and precise and includes "deep learning," head detection, eye identification, and tracking
    • Even in low light, produces an excellent depth of field with high sensitivity and minimal noise
    • One camera may provide two video feeds in FHD thanks to intelligent feed cropping.
    • Canon Log 3 and Wide DR, as well as exceptional 4K HDR pictures for PQ or HLG formats.
    • A variety of connectors, including Dual XLR audio inputs, 12-G-SDI, 3-G-SDI, HDMI, and Gen locks
    • Built-in international standards
  2. CR-X300

    Next on the list is the CR-X300!

    CR-X300 survives the worst of weathers with an IP65-rated outdoor PTZ camera's 20x optical zoom, 6G-SDI connectivity, IP control, and streaming for capturing amazing 4K UHD footage. With CR-X300, record 4K video with great details both indoors and outside. Featuring a 1/2.3-inch Type CMOS Sensor, 20x optical zoom, IP control, and streaming capabilities, the CR-X300 can function in all weather conditions, with an IP65 rating, from -15 to +40°C.

    Why Choose the CR-X300?

    You would definitely choose the CR-X300 as your best PTZ camera in 2023 for its attractive specifications, which include the following:
    • Stunning quality from a 1/2.3-inch type sensor.
    • Standard Communications Protocol, NDI|HX, RTP/RTSP, RTMPS Canon XC Protocol, and RTMP
    • 29.3mm to 601mm in 35mm equivalent lens length (UHD only), plus an additional 20x digital zoom in FHD
    • Quick and precise focus even in dim lighting
    • Weather sealing that is impervious to water and dust
    • With the help of powerful image processing, images up to 4K 30P at 4:2:2/10-bit can be captured.

Best Dome Cameras in 2023

Our dome cameras are made with discretion in mind, and the VB-S model is one of our most ultra-compact options; it can fit in the palm of your hand. Each model can be mounted covertly and in keeping with the aesthetics of the installation location thanks to a variety of recess mounting accessories.

After installed, the Camera Angle Setting Tool, which may be used on a PC, enables remote access to the camera's functionalities (PT-R-Z). This indicates that aspects like focus and camera direction need not be taken into account during the actual installation because they may all be handled at the PC.

  1. AXIS M30 Dome Camera Series

    First on the list of best surveillance dome cameras in 2023 is the AXIS M30 Dome Camera Series.

    Why Choose the AXIS M30 Dome Camera Series?

    The AXIS M30 Dome Camera Series are the best affordable mini dome surveillance cameras in 2023 suitable for indoor and outdoor surveillance. Some specifications include:
    • Excellent video quality up to 12 MP
    • Wide angle and 360°/270°/180° panoramic views
    • Lightfinder, WDR, Day/night functionality
    • Support for analytics with deep learning
    • Flexible installation on walls or ceilings
  2. AXIS P47 Panoramic Camera Series

    The second on the list of best surveillance dome cameras in 2023 is the AXIS P47 Panoramic Camera Series.

  3. Why Choose the AXIS P47 Panoramic Camera Series?

    The AXIS P47 Panoramic Camera Series features dual-sensor, multidirectional cameras with two channels, 360° IR illumination and audio recording. Specifications include the following:
    • 2*2 MP and 2*5 MP multidirectional cameras, with one IP address
    • Support for analytics with deep learning
    • 360° IR illumination
    • 2.5x zoom
    • Axis Lightfinder and Forensic WDR.

Best Box Cameras in 2023

With just one camera, you can monitor vast areas with views that are up to 112 degrees wide. As a result, cost-effective surveillance networks can be built with fewer cameras. The image quality is still remarkable even at the broadest viewing angles thanks to Canon's optically adjusted lens, which lessens "fish-eye" effects.

Box surveillance cameras are made to be quickly and easily installed right out of the box; no pre-installation set-up is required. A variety of outdoor attachments offer versatility in outside layout with possibilities for mounting on walls, ceilings, or poles. Our VB-H and VB-M Box cameras' Electronic Rear Focus Technology keeps the focus sharp when in operation.

  1. AXIS M10 Box Camera Series
    The AXIS M10 Box Camera Series are an affordable option for a compact box camera. These compact cameras are easy to install and provide good protection against unauthorized access, among other cyber security features. These cameras feature a tally LED to indicate video streaming or recording with excellent image and audio quality.

    Why Choose the AXIS M10 Box Camera Series?
    The AXIS M10 Series is ideal for small stores and residential care, designed with privacy and security in mind. Some of its specifications include the following:
    • Day-and-night with IR illumination
    • Support for advanced analytics
    • PoE and I/O port
    • Built-in privacy features
    • Premium model with audio
  2. AXIS P13 Box Camera Series
    The AXIS P13 box camera series are flexible multipurpose box cameras with light sensitive models delivering up to 4K resolution. They are available in both indoor and outdoor versions, suitable for a wide range of video surveillance applications

    Why Choose the AXIS P13 Box Camera Series?
    The AXIS P13 box camera series are ideal for various applications, including government and industrial buildings, retail stores and shopping centers, banks, airports, railway stations and educational institutions. Some of its specifications include the following:
    • Excellent video quality
    • Outstanding light sensitivity
    • Lightfinder and Forensic WDR
    • Flexible CS-mount cameras
    • Weather resistant, outdoor models

Compact Surveillance Cameras:

Last but not least, the best surveillance cameras are small but fierce. Experience the Powershot PX with Compact Surveillance Cameras from Canon!

  1. Canon Powershot PX
    The PowerShot PX is the perfect camera for when you want to both record and participate in life's special moments. It does this by smartly and creatively automatically framing subjects and capturing natural reactions after the event. Via the smartphone app, it captures your special moments and suggests the best pictures and videos for you.

    Why Choose the Canon Powershot PX?
    You most definitely would choose the Canon Powershot PX for its outstanding specifications. For the memories that will last you a lifetime, the Canon Powershot PX has a pan-and-tilt zoom lens with 340° pan and 110° tilt that captures the action and creates stunning images and videos. It also boasts an 11.7 megapixel and 60p Full HD photos with more identification and focus. Charge it via a USB-C and connect to your Wi-Fi and smart devices, anywhere and anytime.

    In conclusion, your safety comes first with Canon. Canon's selection of surveillance cameras provides safety where surveillance is crucial. Even in low light, where security threats are increased, Canon cameras give superb image quality, focus, and accuracy. Despite their small size, they are still mighty in performance!

  • PTZ Cameras


    An exceptional 4K60P professional PTZ camera with 12G-SDI connectivity and class-leading auto focus with the option for intelligent Auto Tracking.
  • PTZ Cameras


    A compact IP65 rated PTZ camera offering 4K resolution, 20x Optical Zoom and IP streaming and control for a wide range of applications.
  • Compact Digital

    PowerShot PX

    Capture life’s most precious moments of automatically with this intelligent smart camera that recognises faces and connects to your smart device.
  • PTZ Cameras


    With a robust and weatherproof housing plus 4K UHD resolution, 15x optical zoom, 12G-SDI and Dual Pixel CMOS AF, the CR-X500 is the ideal PTZ camera for remote productions and monitoring.