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Balancing personalisation and privacy in your customer comms

How to strike the right balance with your strategy

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Balancing personalisation and privacy

Read the 3rd chapter in Canon's eBook to discover more about how your business should manage customer communications

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Navigate modern legislation and deliver great CX

How do businesses manage customer communications in today's legislation landscape?
With customers demanding both personalisation and privacy, getting the right balance can be difficult to achieve. While 80%2 of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it offers a personalised experience, research from Salesforce in 2018 found that brand trust has plummeted, with 54% saying that companies holding their personal data don’t have their best interests in mind1.
Faced with this challenge, how do markers deliver smarter, personalised marketing without infringing on customer privacy? Download chapter three of our eBook, The CX Journey: An Uncharted Adventure to find out more

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