Pioneering AF technology

Eye Detection AF

The XF605 benefits from the latest advancements in Canon’s renowned Dual Pixel CMOS AF. It is the first camcorder in the XF Series to feature Eye Detection AF, enabling the XF605 to detect and track people with precision even when another subject appears in the foreground.

Advanced EOS iTR AF X

The XF605 is the first professional camcorder to use EOS iTR AF X ‘deep learning’ autofocus technology, which is able to stay locked on a subject’s head even when they turn away from the camera.

Dual Pixel Focus Guide

When focusing manually with the XF605, users can benefit from an on-screen focus guide that uses information from the Dual Pixel CMOS AF system to indicate whether the focus is in front of the subject or behind. Once the guide on the display turns green, operators can be reassured they have achieved pin-sharp focus.

Face Priority AF

Face Priority AF automatically adjusts the focus to track a person’s face in the frame, while Face Only AF will only respond when a face is detected in the frame.

Tracking AF

Select a subject via the touch screen or joystick and the XF605 will keep the subject in focus as it moves through the frame.


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  1. The visual appearance of the Canon XF605 shown in these photographs and video content may differ from the commercial product.