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The MS-500 lets you see the unseen. With a 1-inch type Single-Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) sensor, designed and made by Canon, it outputs full-colour, Full HD footage with low noise in a wide variety of low-light environments for long range security and monitoring applications.

High performance in low light

Discover the technical innovation behind Canon’s unique SPAD sensor. Designed for long distance monitoring in extreme darkness, the MS-500 lets you see the unseen.
Ultra-High Sensitivity Camera MS-500


  • 1.0-Type SPAD sensor

    2.1MP Canon designed sensor made for exceptional low-light performance.

  • High quality low-light video

    Capture outstanding low-light footage in colour up to 1080p.

  • B4 lens mount

    Compatible with Canon broadcast lenses.

  • AF/MF

    Manual Focus or One-Shot AF options.

  • Camera Control Protocols

    Supports Pelco-D protocol or Canon’s proprietary NU protocol.

  • Flexible connectivity

    Remote 8-Pin Terminal (supporting NU & Pelco-D Protocols), 3G/HD-SDI, 12-Pin Lens Terminal, Genlock, DC-IN (12-30V).

    In a domestic environment this product may cause radio interference, in which case the user may be required to take adequate measures. Use of shielded cables are required to comply with Class A limits of EN55032.
  2. Export Restrictions Apply. Product not available in all countries. Contact Canon or your local representative to find out more.

High sensitivity 2.1MP SPAD sensor

When a photon strikes the sensor, an electron is generated, this triggers a chain reaction or "avalanche" of electron production. This photon is converted to an electric charge, the SPAD sensor then amplifies the charge by a million times with a phenomenon called the 'avalanche multiplication', causing a large current to flow instantaneously. This large current is read out as a voltage signal in the form of a train of pulses corresponding to individual photons. This SPAD sensor's unique light sensing technology can achieve incredible low-light performance.


B4 lens mount for exceptional versatility

Use Canon’s extensive range of broadcast lenses, which excel at super-telephoto image capturing. Achieve a reach of over 2400mm focal length (35mm equivalent).

Long range colour monitoring, day or night

Accurately monitor long range subjects with 2/3” broadcast lenses for greater telephoto reach. The combination of B4 mount, built-in 1.3x Optical magnifier and 1-inch type SPAD sensor enable accurate monitoring of long-distance subjects in colour whether in good light, or darkness.


Durable and dependable

The MS-500 is built to be used for specialist long distance monitoring under challenging conditions and can operate around the clock in temperatures ranging from -20oC to 45oC.

Manual and automatic removable IR cut filter

Control the IR cut filter automatically or manually to acquire extra IR light when shooting after dark.


Remote operation made easy

Operate the camera remotely using either the Pelco-D protocol or Canon’s proprietary NU protocol.

Haze Compensation and Smart Shade Control (SSC)

Haze Compensation reduces haze caused by fog or smog, while Smart Shade Control (SSC) enhances detail in dark areas and suppresses the saturation caused by strong daylight.


What’s in the box

The MS-500 is easy to integrate into your specialist motoring workflow.


  • Body Cap

  • User Manual

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