Empowering Sustainable Visual Storytelling: Canon's Collaborative Programs in Saudi Arabia

Canon collaborated with the Saudi Royal Commission to lead students on unique journeys focused on sustainability and visual storytelling. The programs included workshops that fostered skills in ethical representation and addressing important issues.

Canon's Sustainability Masterclasses in Al Ula

Participants gained knowledge in digital storytelling, empowering them to tackle sustainability challenges creatively. Selected works were showcased at public exhibitions, demonstrating the impact of storytelling on sustainable practices.


YPP KSA 2023: Nurturing Future Leaders in Saudi Arabia

Canon collaborated with the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) for workshops on photography and video storytelling. Young participants gained skills in digital storytelling and addressing sustainability issues. Fourteen selected participants then showcased their work at the AlUla Arts Festival in February 2023.

YPP KSA 2022: Empowering Young Professionals in Saudi Arabia

In January 2022, Canon partnered with the Saudi Royal Commission and Tasneem Al Sultan to lead 17 female students on a unique sustainability-focused journey in Al Ula. Sessions in Al Ula provided introspection and gendered reflection. The program enhanced photography and videography skills while promoting ethical visual representation.


  • UAE - UNDP

    At Expo 2020 Dubai, Canon and the UN's AYAMI conducted a workshop, led by Laura El-Tantawy, transforming youth ideas from Lebanon and the UAE into actionable plans through storytelling.

  • UAE - Al Ihsan Charity

    In May 2021, Canon Middle East and Al Ihsan Charity ran a youth workshop on Sustainable Development Goals through photography, culminating in an exhibition attended by leading figures.

  • Jordan – Everyday Refugees

    Canon's Young People Programme in Jordan, led by Muhammed Muheisen in August 2022, trained Jordanian and refugee students in photography while focusing on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Jordan – Lens on Life

    In September 2022, the Young People Programme partnered with Lens on Life for a three-day workshop in Jordan's Za'atari refugee camp. Participants used Canon cameras to visually express their community improvement ideas aligned with Sustainable Development Goals.


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