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Product Repair

This includes locating a repair centre, the steps to follow to arrange a repair and a selection of FAQ’s to help answer any queries that you may have


During these exceptional times safeguarding the welfare of our customers and employees is our top priority and that involves adapting our way of working in some areas. We are doing everything possible to anticipate, prepare for and minimise any potential disruption. 

With this in mind, Canon Service & Repair Centres are operating with reduced staffing levels and other employees are working remotely during this time to limit the risk of infection. At this time, the preferred method of delivery to our Canon Service & Repair Centres is via courier shipment. However, in order to provide suitable support to our customers where needed, we can now also accept goods in person (subject to local government social distancing guidelines). There may be a delay in repair times and we do not yet know when we will be able to resume our normal service levels.

Our Canon Authorised Service Partners, are also facing similar challenges, so prior to sending in your product for repair we recommend you contact them in advance. 

With this in mind, please consider if your repair is urgent as some courier services may also be impacted. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding and support, as we continue to review and address the situation. If you need assistance, calls & emails will continue to be handled as usual so please contact us. We will update you as the situation develops.

COVID-19 Guidance for cleaning your Canon devices

As part of our ongoing support service, our engineers will endeavor to thoroughly clean a customers device, once they have completed their work. 
Thereafter, we advise that the cleaning guidelines provided in the device manual are followed. (Manuals are available for download from the Canon support site

During the current situation of COVID-19, many customers have been asking for advice on the safest way to clean the most frequently touched areas of their devices. Therefore, Canon recommends the below cleaning instructions. 

Please note: These cleaning guidelines do not guarantee the elimination of the Coronavirus from your devices. The effectiveness, of alcohol-based cleaners, should be checked with the manufacturer. 

  • Follow the required shut down process and disconnect the device from the mains supply before cleaning.
  • Use a soft cloth soaked with an alcohol-based cleaner for disinfection. Wipe the device parts which users may touch, such as the numerical keys on operation panels, touch screens, covers and handles.
  • Never spray alcohol, or any other disinfectants directly on areas where liquids may enter the device, such as the edges of touch screens or numerical keys. Be sure not to drip any liquid onto these areas.
  • Depending on the type of alcohol or wiping method used, the printer exterior may become discoloured or lose colour, however, the printer function will not be affected.
  • Please note that some commercial products such as wet wipes may contain non-alcoholic compositions and therefore are not recommended for use.
  • Canon does not recommend any brand or manufacturer of alcohol-based cleaning products. However, it is recommended to use a cleaning product which contains a minimum of 60% alcohol. Please note that alcohol is a flammable liquid, therefore it should never be used near fire.
  • Do not use alcohol-based cleaning products on image sensors for cameras or video lenses, as these have an external coating which could be damaged.

Repair Centre Locator

Please select your product using the search filters to ensure you find the correct authorised repair facility that can repair your Canon product.

You can then take your product directly to the repair centre or arrange for it to be delivered, please view the repair process for more information.

Service Center Survey

Please note – If you require any Middle East authorised repair centre information, please visit the applicable site listed below:

Bahrain Iraq Jordan
Kuwait Lebanon Oman
Qatar Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates

MAXIFY & PIXMA Products – removal of ink cartridges from these products prior to shipping for repair will result in damage to the printhead and may invalidate your Canon warranty. Please follow the transportation instruction as per the User Manual for your Canon product.

Repair Process

My Canon product is not working – What should I do?

In the first instance, we suggest that you refer to our consumer products support area which contains information that may be useful in helping you resolve your issue. After selecting your product, you will have access to frequently asked questions, user manuals, drivers, software and firmware downloads. There will also be other information that may be useful to you including how to contact a Canon Authorised Service Facility for telephone and email support.

In the event that you are unable to resolve your issue via these avenues and a product repair is necessary, please follow the process below. As there may be small local differences in the specific process per country, please check the support pages for your country of residence via our country selector.

My Canon Product needs to be repaired – what are the next steps?

1 - Locate your nearest Canon Authorised Service Facility

Please use our repair centre locator tool to find the details of your nearest Canon Authorised Service Facility (ASF). All Canon ASFs are independent third party organisations and, as such, operate within their own terms of service (including fees/charges, turnaround times etc…). As these terms may vary, please contact the relevant ASF for further details, prior to sending an item for repair.

2 - Please print and complete the standard Canon repair form to return with your product

This form will provide your chosen repair facility with all of the information required to investigate the issue with your product, to repair it if required, and to update you on the status of your repair. If you are unable to print the form, please confirm the same information in a letter which you should send with your product.

3 - Ensure that you include all necessary information with the product being returned

If you are claiming a warranty repair, it is necessary to also include a dated proof of purchase for your product. Canon ASFs cannot provide warranty repairs without receipt of any applicable supporting documentation.

4 - Ensure that the product is securely packaged for transit

By sending an item to a Canon ASF, you are not entering into an agreement with Canon, therefore Canon will accept no liability for any loss or damage that occurs during transit. We recommend that your product is safely and securely packaged. Depending on the value of the product, you may also wish to consider insuring the shipment.
Please note that it is always possible for you to take a product in person to a Canon ASF.

Once I have sent my product in for repair, what happens next?

Where a product has been sent to a Canon ASF:

The processes, fees, turnaround times etc… for Canon ASFs will vary. For full details, please contact your selected Canon ASF directly, prior to sending your product for repair.

Canon is committed to protecting your privacy and any personal information supplied by you will only be used for effecting the repair process. Your personal data is held securely by Canon and will not be used for any further purposes. Some of the information under this category does not qualify as personal information (e.g. Settings), we will process this data to provide, maintain, protect, improve products and services and to develop new ones. For further details on Canon’s Privacy Policy, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: The above information is provided for customer advice only and does not constitute an agreement of any kind between Canon and the customer. The specific terms and conditions of the Canon RCC or ASF will take precedence over all information provided on this page.

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Repair Service FAQs

Please find a list of FAQ’s that can assist you if your product is in need of a repair.

Please note this information is only for Consumer Products Repair.

Q: How much will the repair cost?

A: Without a technical examination it is impossible to answer this question, please send your product to an Authorised Service Facility for inspection. Each repair centre will have their own independent repair prices.

Q: My product has developed a fault shortly after purchase, what are my options?

A: Canon will only repair your product under the terms and conditions of your warranty; alternatively you should contact your retailer for further assistance.

Q: My product is faulty, what are my options?

A: Canon provides a parts and labour warranty for 12 months from the date of purchase of your product. You will require proof of purchase to make a claim under your warranty. This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer; alternatively please contact your retailer.

Repairs are chargeable outside the manufacturer warranty period; please contact an authorised repair centre for further assistance. Each repair centre will have their own independent repair prices. All repairs are subject to the terms and conditions of your warranty.

Q: If my product is faulty, can it be exchanged under warranty?

A: Canon will only repair your product under the terms and conditions of your warranty. Please view the warranty terms and conditions page for more information.

Q: Can I hand in my product personally to the Authorised Service Facility?

A: If you would like to deliver your product yourself, please contact an appropriate Authorised Service Facility directly for their opening times. We generally recommend your product is sent to us by a delivery agent (for example, The Royal Mail).

Q: Who do I contact for a repair status?

A: Please contact the Authorised Service Facility that you returned your product to for repair.

Q: I have an extended warranty called "MasterCare/ What Ever Happens" how do I obtain service under this scheme?

A: MasterCare/ What Ever Happens warranties are not issued by Canon. Refer to your retailer for information on contacting MasterCare directly.

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Repair Form

Before you send your unit into one of the Canon Authorised Service Facilities (ASF), please complete this form
and send it together with your product. The details will enable your chosen ASF to process your repair as quickly
as possible. Individual ASF repair processes & any applicable fees will vary. For full details regarding a specific ASFs repair
requirements, along with any applicable terms & conditions, please contact your selected ASF directly, prior to
sending your product.

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